Tempo Advertising and Mercedes-Benz have put the V in the VIP

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mb clasa v vedeta

Tempo Advertising organized for Mercedes-Benz Romania the event “V for VIP”.  Created in order to compensate and keep loyal the Class V client from Romania, but also to attract potential clients. The event took place at Hotel Hilton Sibiu in the period 24-26 of June.

V Class is the road’s VIP. Due to its features, technology and the pampering you are offered, you feel like a VIP since the first drive. That’s exactly the sensation we wanted all our event’s participants to feel and every action was especially created and organized with this thought in mind,” said the agency’s representatives.


Therefore, for 3 days, Mercedes-Benz and Tempo Advertising offered the event’s participants an experience and a pampering never to been forgotten. Friday evening they were welcomed with a special dinner and a Jidvei wine tasting, followed by a cocktail show. Saturday, the day started with a trip to Biertan, where the guest were able to visit the church and the fortified borough of Biertan and took the lunch at the local restaurant.

Coming back to the hotel, the clients were offered a series of unique activities: cooking with Chef Foa, a workshop of styling with the stylist Andrei Ionescu, a make-up workshop with Alex Radulescu, massage, SPA and styling services. The activities were selected and thought in order to offer everybody an unforgettable experience. The most appreciated of them were the cooking lessons with Chef Foa and the massage sessions.


The day ended with a festive dinner and the surprise concert of Loredana Groza that introduced everybody to the dance mood for more than 2 hours.