Smart Marketing, a new edition to take place in October


BusinessMark and  Cannes Lions Romania prepared a new edition of Smart Marketing, an event scheduled to take place on October 10-11, at Intercontinental Hotel in Bucharest.

The first day of the event will focus around the authenticity idea, focusing the importance of an approach centered on authenticity when building a marketing strategy.

Among the themes to be discussed are authenticity in marketing – utopia or reality, authentic stories which help powerful brands to connect with consumers, burden of proof and if authenticity can be probed, relevance in a more and more segmented communication world, the power of trust, tradition and stability and malvertising.

Among the specialists to approach the mentioned themes are Lucia Antal – Marketing Director Pro TV, Adrian Chereji – Head of Marketing & Communication Untold Festival, Mircea Teaca – Consumer Healthcare Marketing Manager Sanofi, Andrei Chirila – Chief Marketing Officer Fashion Days, Alexandru Bogdan – Marketing Director Baneasa Shopping City, Razvan Barbulescu – Channel Marketing Manager IBM – Global Marketing Center Romania, Ioana Ionescu – Romania Marketing Manager Cinema City, Ligia Rosu – Marketing Manager Austral Trade and Elena Badea – Partner & Senior Consultant Sfera Business.

The second day of the event brings together member of juries and active participants to the Cannes Lions seminaries, in order to offer tips&tricks, up to date info and directions when it comes of global communication trends. Among them are: Teo Migdalovici – founder The Alternative School for Creative Thinking, Szabi Szekely – CEO Halcyon Mobile & juror at Cannes Lions 2016, Zelia Sakhi – Head of Creative Mobiento Stockholm& juror Cannes Lions 2016, Mihai Fetcu – CD Geometry Romania & juror Cannes Lions 2016, Radu Nantu & Alexandra Bombita  – above 106, Mario Gazebro – Member of Gold Winning Team, Lions Entertainment 2016, Elena Markos – Manager WGSN UK.