Billa’s new campaign, “All the roads go home!”, an invitation to imagination and adventure

Ads, Creativity

The seventh cart free as a guaranteed prize in the Billa store all over the country is the main promise of the new communication Billa campaign.

Starting from the idea of finding oneself through introspection and adventures, the campaign presents a series of amazing and full of charm instances that have in the spotlight the Seventh Cart Free, alongside friendships that happen during that road. We will see the biker rocker, the carter along the country road, the teenagers that sing at the seaside, the chic ladies from the club, the tired travelers from the bus, etc. Overall, 10 nice situations in which everyone can easily find itself.

Because the imagination is the best potentate by the memories, we wanted that after a sunny summer to combat the rain at the autumn weather by bringing the smile on our clients’ faces through remembering the most beautiful experiences with positive impact in our lives. We are inviting everybody to join us in this beautiful movie,” said Raluca Mihaila, Marketing Director for Billa Romania.

The promotional campaign is available in all the Billa stores and everybody is winning. At every 6 shopping carts of minimum RON 50, the clients are receiving a RON 35 deduction at the seventh bill. Also, all the bills over RON 50 in the campaign period enter immediately in the raffle for the 6 years’ free shopping.

This autumn we don’t count the chicken until they are hatched in the academic world, and in marketing we are counting the promotions. We’ve decided to count the adventures lived this summer alongside the nicest character in our communication campaigns – The Seventh Cart. After running around the world, our playful friend’s conclusion is a clear one: nowhere is like home. Freshly returned from an initiatic trip, The Seventh Cart is not only a guaranteed prize, but a road opener for the winning of six years of free shopping,” added Raluca Mihaila.

The promotion in the stores is doubled by an activation on the BILLA Romania Facebook page where the fans have the chance to win weekly value bonuses of RON 50 if they tell about their initatic roads, their re-finding expeditions, the sabbatical years or their introspective trips.

The campaign started to roll officially on the 22nd of September with several spots for tv and online and will roll until the 19th of October with an integrated national communication on radio, print, Facebook, metro, OOG and in-store.