Jazz tells the story of the Romanian successful medicine, alongside MedLife

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Romania was renowned globally years in a row in the interbellic period and immediately after of its innovations that have changed the medicine world and for the amazing talent of our doctors that used to perform miracles even when they didn’t have the necessary equipment or one even close to international standards.

The Romanian medicine has a impressive history. The years 1850-1920 are full of important accomplishments, this being the gold period in which the basis of the Romanian medicine were set. Many young doctors schooled in Wien or Paris or even USA are coming back to Romania and are performing the first complicated operations and the first analysis. The basis of the Romanian medicine was set by the French Carol Davila, but he was followed by extraordinary doctors such as: Ioan Cantacuzino, Dimitrie Bagdasar, Constantin Arsenii, Thoma Ionescu, Kretzulescu etc.

MedLife is a health system whose vision has been, since its beginnings, to continue this impressive tradition. It’s precisely this ambition of putting Romania again on the world map while it concerns the health that is the MedLife’s driver. Therefore, the association with the past’s success stories and what MedLife is trying to do right now were a normal path to follow. The Hippocrates’ vow naturally continues with a promise to make performance in Romania. The best doctors will be supported by MedLife with the best technology available.

The campaign is a manifesto that reminds the Romanians about the history they should be proud of and is supported by three spots dedicated to the MedLife specialists. Three parallels between the years 1900 and 2016, three stories that give us hope and trust in the future. If in 1900 the Romanian doctors were performing miracles, they are doing the same in 2016 as well.

Moreover, continuing the premieres’ row from the medicine world, the new MedLife spots are representing on their turn a premiere, being the first time in a Romanian campaign when the major characters (both the doctors and the patients) are 100 percent real. For the first time, the agency asked the MedLife pacients to share their experience in a tv spot and they were delighted and open, especially considering the fact that most of them came to MedLife in the moment where they lost any hope of finding a solution in Romania.

It was a documentation campaign. We’ve discovered with proud how many wonderful doctors we’ve had and still have in Romania. Then it was a showdown in production. The first campaign with epoque scenery that we took part at. Andreea Paduraru, Tudor Mircea and MME did an incredible job. We have been building alongside the MedLife team for some years now a strong brand that we are very proud of,” said Andreea Ghenoiu, Group Creative & Copywriter, Jazz Communication.

The campaign rolls in the period September-December 2016 and is declined on the following media channels: TV, online, indoor, press, PR.

The Romanian medicine school is a school with a massive tradition and a showcase of personalities with major accomplishments. It’s a standard that we are imposing ourselves and one that we are looking towards every day, with every patient. “They started, we are continuing” follows the manifesto through which we want to remind the Romanians that in Romania is also done quality medicine and to build their confidence in our doctors. At the same time, the campaign has a role of bringing awareness towards the value of the Romanian medicine school. We have doctors that are solving exceptional cases, but, unfortunately, this accomplishments are rarely promoted, many – possibly- don’t even know about them,” also added Simona Iliescu, Marketing Director of MedLife).

The Jazz team that beautifully told the story is formed of:

Valentin Suciu – Creative Director & Partner

Andreea Ghenoiu – Group Creative & Copywriter

Irina Pencea – Strategie & Concept

Raluca Matei – Head of Art

Georgiana Rotaru – Account Manager


The MedLife team that contributed to the campaign is:

Simona Iliescu –Marketing Director

Oana Safta – Marketing Specialist

Diana Grosu – Marketing Specialist

Alexandru Valdu – Online Marketing Specialist

Mariana Ursoi – Analyst Clients’ Relations


The team of doctors:

Dr. Dan Suiaga, Dr. Stefanita Dima, Dr. Bogdan Marcel, Dr. Diana Toma