DDB Romania signs a campaign for Comedy Central’s channel renewal in Romania


Comedy Central launched “Have fun in Romania” campaign, developed by DDB Romania. The comedy channel started the campaign on September 20th, when it launched its renewed program schedule, specifically adapted for Romanian viewers, including more local content and 100% local production, along with international hits like South Park, Big Bang Theory or Two and a Half Men.

dog ilustratie 31 aug copy
dog ilustratie 31 aug copy

The new Comedy Central programs schedule bets on a bigger share of local content, bringing on the small screen two series produced in Romania (…) The changes we made were the result of a careful analysis of the needs, demands and taste of Romanian viewers, transforming Comedy Central’s program schedule into an unique proposal on the local media market. What we wished with this campaign was to show the relevance and dedication of our TV channel regarding the versatile Romanian humor

Zoltan Kabai,

Regional programs director Comedy Central

The strategic and creative direction started from the concept “Comedy Central, face to face with Romanian reality”. More exactly, there were identified aspects with which Romanians are different from other nations, those particularities which can be qualified as “strange habits” by strangers, but to which Romanians excel in laughing of, as they make fun of their troubles. To a more attentive look over the things that  make Romanians unique are the Romanians’ relation with the rules and the Balkan-Orthodox habits.

To communicate in a fun language easy to recognize, campaign’s executions are using extremely specific insights for Romanians. The agency used in the communication mix – brand & TV series – the most relevant series to support brand index  (likeability) and those with the biggest affinity for the public.

coliva ilustratie copy
coliva ilustratie copy

The creative idea behind the campaign was integrating the characters from TV’s star series into the Romanian reality, putting them in locally very known and relevant situations. This way, the famous Kenny of South Park is greeted with commemorative cake, Brian from My crazy family is chased around by stray dogs as a sign of welcome

Costin Milu,

Creative Director DDB Romania

The campaign is a multi-channel one, with OOH (citylights, bus shelters), radio, print, social media (Facebook page), display banners.