FCB Bucharest rebranded Baneasa Shopping City

Branding, Creativity

Starting the current autumn, Romanian commercial center Baneasa Shopping City has a new visual identity and a new positioning signed by FCB Bucharest. Under the slogan “All in the name of fashion”, the rebranding campaign invites the clients of the center to forget the rules and to express themselves in an authentic manner, profiting of the diverse experiences and brands available in the commercial center.


All in the name of fashion campaign articulates a territory that Baneasa Shopping City assumed since its launch. On a market on which players are racing each other to see which offers more entertainment options or the most brands mix, Baneasa Shopping City was never about quantity or volume, but about quality, coming with a premium proposal, both when it comes of products and in communication. Starting from the unique mix of brands (supported by luxury brands and exclusive offers), the challenge was to translate fashion into the attitude and the personal style that brings an outfit to life

Alecsandra Roman,

Head of Strategy FCB Bucharest

The new communication strategy has in the spotlight those loving fashion, brands, quality entertainment, are socially active and always looking for memorable experiences.


Băneasa Schopping City isn’t a mall. It is a space for the manifestation of fashion. Here, fashion isn’t just fashion. It is a personal way of expressing yourself in all you do and through all you do, from clothes to literature, from entertainment to relaxation. That is why All In the name of fashion isn’t about outfits. It is all about attitude

Claudiu Dobrita,

Creative Director, FCB Bucharest

With the new positioning,  FCB Bucharest developed 2 innovative instruments for commercial center’s clients: Fashion Emergency Line – phone line where clients can receive counseling from mall stylists when a fashion emergency occurs, and Fashion Emergency KIT, a fashion first-aid kit which will include a selection of clothes and accessories offered by partner stores and will be available for a special price. Both instruments will be available in October and promoted on commercial center’s website and on its social media channels.


FCB Bucharest also signs the creative concept for the rebranding campaign, launched with outdoor executions, online – banners and social media – , radio, transit (buses), activations and on-premise communication materials.

The campaign is launching a challenge to the audience. And, equally, to us. We analyzed fashion in a non-critical manner, we reduce it to sentiments level and we highlighted the way it makes us feel. That is why the first campaign under the new positioning is dedicated to the way we feel when we wear what we like, what suits us best and what highlights us

Alex Tigoianu,

Senior Copywriter FCB Bucharest

The agency also developed a new visual identity for Styler magazine, printed by Baneasa Shopping City, so it would fit the new positioning.

The teams working on the project include:

  • Băneasa Shopping City: Alexandru Bogdan – Marketing Director, Ovidia Popescu – Experiential Marketing & Campaign Coordinator, Daniela Matei – PR & Corporate Manager, Luca Dan Ciceu – Loyalty Manager.
  • FCB Bucharest: Alecsandra Roman – Head of Strategy, Claudiu Dobrita – Creative Director, Alexandru Tigoianu – Senior Copywriter, Tiberiu Papa – Senior Art Director, Alexandru Rosca – Senior Copywriter, Radu Ghitescu – Senior Art Director, Sorin Fotache – 3D Artist, Mihai Ionescu – DTP, Florin Ciobanu – Head of Digital, Sorina Borcescu – Client Service Director, Andreea Serbu – Account Manager, Bogdana Gusuleac – Senior Account Executive, Iulia Stanescu – Head of Production, Marian Enache – BTL Project Manager.