Romanian MullenLowe has a new Head of Strategy

Creativity, People

Romanian MullenLowe has a new Head of Strategy, after Adrian Chiuhan took over the position. Strategic planner with over 10 years of experience within the communication industry, Adrian contributed, over time, to building brands with cultural relevance and has in his portfolio a series of Effie awards for the campaigns he was involved in.

Chiuhan is an exceptional strategist I have been watching for quite some time. This is clearly the best meeting moment between him and us: today, he is exactly the piece we needed to fill in the dream team – together with Chiuhan and Suman, the agency’s new Executive Creative Director, we are more prepared then ever to challenge the industry with quality and, more then anything, relevant work

Hortensia Nastase,

VP Creative Services, Lowe Group Romania

Chiuhan worked for some of the biggest agencies in Romania and collaborated with clients from various industries, from FMCG to banking, from auto to pharma and from oil & gas to transports.


Some say it is the best period to work in advertising, as many paradigms are changing both in marketing and in the way advertising is done. The challenges an agency has to answer today are multiple, and that involves multidisciplinary qualities and people with better understanding and integration skills. I believe a lot that each agency must develop its own way of working and, more then anything, to have the capacity to  give people the needed freedom to execute their best work. This implies an immense flexibility, maturity and, especially, assuming a series of risks. MullenLowe is such an agency and I am happy to be part of a team that challenges the conventions and pushes the limits further with each and every project

Adrian Chiuhan,

Head of Strategy, MullenLowe.