NewMedia Creative Technology Studio announced Astra Film Festival Fulldome Sessions

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NewMedia Creative Technology Studio, the number one producer of fulldome shows, immersive experiences & VR around in Europe, launched recently its new show, Astra Film Festival Fulldome Sessions.

Between October 17 -23 , Astra Film Festival program brought into the spotlight the documentary cinema both in classic cinema and the latest formats, introducing an exceptional itinerary from collective viewing experiences in the film theater to leading-edge 360-degree cross-media screenings inside a NewMedia structure.


Associated with Astra Film Festival, NewMedia Creative Technology Studio installed its 19m dome with internal liner projection system (negative pressure) at Grand Square, in Sibiu, Romania. Everyday between 09.00 – 21.00, the doors were open to celebrate this new cinematographic experience.

NewMedia is a leading producer of events that challenges the limits of imagination and technology delivering entertaining,  experiences and communication for clients around the world. Its creative technology studio, equipped with imaginative and creative minds, motion artists  and technicians, worked in prestigious events around the world that have generated a sense of art, technology and sophistication for all type live audiences.

NewMedia is expert producing fulldome shows or 360º movies,  large-format projections, 3D mapping,  immersive environment, high technology events and exciting video contents.

Since 2005, it explores the infinite limits of light, technology and entertainment to bring the audience into an unmatched experience, at the cutting edge of the new age of communication and technology