RTB House reaches Singapore

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RTB House, tech company specializing in sophisticated retargeting scenarios with operations worldwide, has entered Singapore – company’s first subsidiary and fifth market in APAC region (following Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan). This comes as a result of expansion to Asia that began in the last quarter of 2015. All operations in Singapore will be carried out under Chandra Kuncara, Country Director at RTB House.

European ad tech company RTB House, which operates across 40 markets in European, APAC, LATAM and MEA regions, has expanded into yet another market of the Asia and Pacific region.14-rtb-house_jakub-ratajczak

Singapore holds a unique place in Asian markets, that enables enterprises to flourish and grow. It has a highly developed and successful free-market economy, as well as great technological infrastructure. Some of the contributing factors to the city’s successes are growth opportunities, governmental and regulatory support, ease of starting businesses, and geographical advantage. These highlights are appealing to investors and businesses like ours, so launching our operations there is another step on our journey to build a strong position in this region

Jakub Ratajczak,

Managing Director APAC

The new Singapore branch will be led by Chandra Kuncara, the newly appointed Country Director at RTB House who will be also responsible for running business activities in Malaysia and Vietnam. Prior to this role, he was responsible for driving sales and business development efforts for Facebook, Appier and Google for Southeast Asia region.



I’m thrilled to lead RTB House growth initiatives in Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam. This region offers a huge opportunity – according to a Google and Temasek report from May 2016, Southeast Asia’s digital market is expected to grow more than sixfold to $200b by 2025. We would like to offer e-commerce brands innovative ways to retarget their customers, which can result in greater returns for advertisers willing to invest

Chandra Kuncara,

Country Director RTB House

RTB House is one of a few companies in the world that managed to develop and implement its own technology for buying advertisements in the RTB model (real-time bidding), and one of the most dynamically growing European tech companies. Recently company presented its new algorithm based on deep learning to craft digital features that recognize the attitude, intention, and intent of internet users.  With a larger pool of relational data, RTB House’s new method can help businesses estimate the individual conversion rate (CR), maximizing return on investment at the earliest possible moment.

Over the last 3 years, it has launched its operations in more than 40 countries in Europe, LATAM, APAC, and MEA region, with recent kickoffs in Dubai and now Singapore. The company currently runs 850 unique campaigns for global brands worldwide and it is comprised of over 160 professionals around the world: performance marketing experts, analysts, sales and customer care specialists, programmers and others.

RTB House is a technology company that delivers conversions to brands worldwide through full-service retargeting display campaigns tailored to each customer. RTB House operates globally with offices in Warsaw, Moscow, Dubai, Singapore and São Paulo. RTB House currently runs 850 unique campaigns for global brands and it is comprised of over 160 people around the world.