Romanian vlogs, ranked by Screen Native

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Romanian Screen Native ranked the top 100 Romanian vlogs, a segment with 6M views and close to 20,000 new subscribers every week on the 100 top YouTube channels that make up the Romanian Vlogosphere.

2016 is the year during which the 1st Romanian channel (Mikey Has) reached 1M subscribers and during which the quality of the produced video content exploded in different directions, from veterans managing to produce veritable shows or popular culture milestones to new entrants that manage to grow in a spectacular manner in just few months, due to fresh formats and approaches.

The new Romanian internet stars, battling any TV in over-25 demographics and clear leaders among young segments (12-30 yo), managed during the current year to attract more and more important budgets, having high hopes for a 2017 that will make it right for the video content.

Screen Native made Top 100 Romanian Vloggers, initiative allowing to brands or interested parties who are the vloggers, what they are offering and how an efficient collaboration can be achieved with the newcomers attracting companies’ marketing budgets.

The top is built dynamically, being updated weekly and ranking the segment on categories, while including an evaluation of each category’s traction and relevance towards certain age groups.

The main top is ranked in terms of subscribers to a channel, but can be refined in terms of views, new subscribers or new added clips to establish the highest growth or most success during the passed week, going until showing the materials that generated that success.

Screen Native is a full service communication agency, digital at core, that aims to inform and facilitate the access of brands present on Romanian market to the best communication solutions in the context of the new media and on all screens.