Romanian Public Relations Association, invited to join ICCO


International Communication Consultancy Organization (ICCO) invited Romanian Public Relations Association (ARRP) to join the organization, offering to communicators in Romania new opportunities of development and international cooperation.

Romania, through ARRP, was invited to join ICCO as full member during the most recent meeting of ICCO’s board, which took place in South Africa.

I trust that the joining of Romania to ICCO will represent a win for both parties, facilitating common projects and exchanges of experience capable of strengthening the communication sector

Maxim Behar,

President ICCO

This invitation is a honor for ARRP and we hope to use as much as possible this affiliation for the benefit of Romanian PR industry. We are launching both to agencies and PR departments all over the country and to the individual professionals in the field a call to join us as part of ARRP to benefit of the advantages of joining ICCO

Gabriel Paslaru,

President ARRP