Caroli Foods Group launches the first product 100 percent natural


Caroli Foods Group, the leader of the consumers’ preferences in the category of processed meat answered market’s desires and launched the first product 100 percent natural. As the market research done by the company in 2017 shows, 7 out of 10 consumers are requesting natural products, without Es and nitrites, if it’s possible. Therefore, the launch of the Maestro Sausages, under the Caroli brand, is the fast answer of the company at consumers’ requests.

Caroli Foods Group is a company for which the meat products represent not only a passion, but also the bilateral engagement of offering the Romanians quality products that they want to buy for their families. We believe that especially because we are always careful at the forever changing needs our our consumers, the ones that choosing our products every day and are placing us in top position in their preferences, the fact that they are forcing us to always come in their meeting with quality products. After the launch of the range of products Caroli with 80 percent meat / „with a lloootttt of meat” and the Semenic Salami with thermic Carolimeter (an innovating element that attracts the attention over the safely keeping of our products), but also the Sissi range of products with 1,5 percent fat, the launch of the Maestro Sausages with 100 percent natural ingredients from Caroli, represents only a natural step in keeping the deal that we are assuming,” said Anamaria Bajan, Marketing, PR and Business Development Executive Director of Caroli Foods Group.

Prepared after a traditional recipe, in which creating were involved also numerous artisans in different regions of the country: Moldova, Ardeal, Banat and Oltenia, the Caroli Maestro Sausages are available two ways: thin and large.

Our mission is to help the consumers take the best decisions, offering them the necessary means, in order to choose. We want our products to be more accessible to all the consumers, therefore the two ranges of Maestro Sausages from Caroli will be present in all the big chains of local and international stores, but also at the traditional traders. At the same time, in order to announce this launch, we’ve prepared the consumers very pleasant surprises, both in the classic media and the digital communication. Actually, we are trying to communicate through an integrated communication, in a way as natural as possible, this new product on the market: the Caroli Maestro Sausages with 100 percent natural ingredients,” said Anca Leopea, Category Marketing Manager Caroli Foods Group.

The Caroli Foods Group team and the agency involved in the project are formed of: Anamaria Bajan – Marketing, Business Development and PR Executive Director, Anca Leopea – Category Marketing Manager, Fledy Studio – Creative & Strategy, Production company: Fiodor Ad Studio, Director: Razvan Marculescu.