The new platform created by Jazz for Provident, exported to Hungary

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After more than 4 years of collaborations and numerous creation and efficiency awards, the successful Provident-Jazz partnership continues also in 2017 with a series of new executions, under the platform “Merita sa faci un pas inainte” (It’s worth taking a step ahead): the swimming lessons, the tailor shop and the driving school. The campaign thought and created by the advertising agency Jazz is exported also to Hungary.

The fifth year summing-up of taking care of the Provident brand looks good: the platform launched in 2013 (Atunci cand e important pentru tine – When it’s important to you) consolidated the brand and awarded us with a Bronze Effie at the category Sustained Success; the new platform Merita – It’s Worth (launched in May 2017) redefines the type of communication in the category, speaking for the first time about the life after the loan and has already been exported to Hungary, 3 months after its launch. The success with Provident confirms us that not the status of multi-national agency makes the difference, but three factors that represents a lot for us: the universality of an insight, the courage to challenge the creative patterns of the category and a hand in hand partnership with a client that has the same ambitions and standards as us

Irina Pencea,

Managing Partner Jazz.

The new creations continue the strategic path launched in the Spring of this year according to which the satisfaction and the emotions generated by fulfilling a wish, a plan or a dream, are surpassing the their material value.

The creative executions launched one after another and broadcasted at the same time during the Summer and the Autumn of this year are dramatizing the moment in which the diverse types of people are realizing that the decision to get a loan from Provident has proven to be wise, feeling the emotional reward of the investment.


No matter the age, the nationality or the preoccupations, the people are making the effort of taking a loan for the joy of they will feel when they will put their idea, their or the loved ones’ desires in practice. We chose the platform proposed by Jazz because it’s anchored in this universal insight, available for Romanians, Hungarians and any other nationality. The authentic communication is the one that succeeds in reaching a profound note in each one of us, no matter how much money we have. Once more we highlighted the fact that, even Provident offers loans in money, the people choose those brands that resonate with them at a human level. And Provident is that type of brand, both in Romania and in other countries

Marilena Barliga,

Marketing Director, Provident Financial Romania

This campaign is like a photographic album of small revelations. We chose to tell the moments in which you are happy that you made a small change for the better in your life or the one of your dear ones. And you suddenly realize that this small change has in it the seed of a tree that can grow big and strong, full of energy and joy. These are simple TVCs, in two frameworks, that speak about the life’s revelations. The kind of revelations that start with: <<I was at the pool and looking at my son swimming concentrated. And suddenly I realized what a brave man he is going to be>>

Valentin Suciu,

Creative Partner Jazz