Parisian company Black[Foundry] created new Dacia’s typography

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Parisian company Black[Foundry] created DaciaSpirit, a new font for the car brand, that rethought its brand environment once with the launch of the New Duster in September 2017. The introduction of the new font is to allow the brand to grow in modernity and quality.

Groupe Renault decided to contact the Parisian company Black[Foundry] in order to help with the new font.

A change of typography is a strong act for brands. It shows a strong will to harmonize and reinforce its communication. We focused on creating a dedicated font that could embody Dacia’s new strategy, bringing Dacia even closer to its customers

Grégori Vincens,

Co-founder & President Black [Foundry]

DaciaSpirit is the result of this work. Built as a multi-script font “geometric sans”, it is readable by all thanks to the development of four writing systems:

We have developed the font in different writing systems, (Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic and Hebrew), in order to allow consistent communication across borders


Developed in four weights, the DaciaSpirit font presents a real personality, particularly visible in the design of low case characters “f”, “g” and “y”, but also perceptible through the typographic “games” that it makes possible.

 We carried, along with Black[Foundry], this very nice project of a font that materializes our brand philosophy and creates a close connection with our customers around the world. DaciaSpirit is now one of our strongest brand codes to boost the perception of Dacia and embody its values of simplicity and optimism, freedom and accessibility

Karl Saffré,

Director of Brand Identities, Groupe Renault

Founded in Romania in 1966, Dacia is present in 44 countries across Europe and the Mediterranean Basin. The Dacia brand philosophy is to market a range of simple, reliable vehicles and services at an affordable price. Dacia has won almost five million customers since 2004 with emblematic models such as Duster, and a strong community spirit.

Black[Foundry] is a Paris-based type and tech company that creates fonts that perform in a global and digital environment. Born from the meeting of skilled type designers with font engineers, Black[Foundry] solves font-related technological or multi script issues for brand-conscious leading companies that need fonts that work in complex environments and boost brand perception.