Sissi, with the support of Direcția 5 music band, encourages consumers to show their appreciation through a new communication platform

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Inspired by the story of Princess Sissi and the innovations she made during her time, Sissi, the most popular ham brand in Romania, is launching a new communication platform through which consumers are encouraged to show appreciation towards the dear ones in their lives. This new umbrella under which Sissi will communicate starts from the insights revealed by an ample study conducted throughout 2017 by Caroli Foods Group, the leader of the Romanian processed meat products market. Thus, the study also confirmed to today’s modern woman that the insight “a woman who feels appreciated, can do great, innovative things … can even change the world!” passed the test of time and is just as relevant today.

Anamaria Bajan-Marketing, Business Development and PR Executive Director

I strongly believe that a person that feels appreciated can accomplish a lot of great things, that the sincere, direct and done without expectation appreciations can truly open hearts. You can find help, not only send your appreciation thoughts and also find inspiration in the tens of examples of appreciation letters found on the platform Therefore, if you truly want that the persons around you take wings, do things faster, better and with spectacular results, show them your appreciation as often as possible

Anamaria Bajan,

Executive Marketing, PR and Business Development director at Caroli Foods Group.

Marian Ionescu, leader Directia 5

We are Direcția 5 and we are the first to join the Sissi initiative to encourage Romanians to show their appreciation. Too often we forget to show our appreciation to the important people in our lives. We forget to tell them how much they mean to us and how much they helped us to be what we are. An appreciation message for someone you care about is more than a thank you. It is recognition, inspiration, empathy and spiritual warmth. It is the way we make those who matter for us feel better, flourish and receive back what they have given us. Now is the best time for a special person in your life to find out how much you appreciate them

Marian Ionescu and Cristian Enache,

Direcția 5 

The brand communication campaign runs from 15 December to 8 March and consists of 3 TV spots, the greeting card, where consumers are invited to show as much as possible their appreciation, in-store activation, different contests in digital, and will culminate with a Gala of Appreciation on March 8.

There are moments when a word is worth a sunrise. But most of the time, we forget to convert invisible thoughts of appreciation into visible acts toward the loved ones and special people in our lives. That’s why Sissi encourages you to show your appreciation as often as possible in the new communication campaign. Because showing your appreciation is not about time and intent, but priority and action!

Alina Lupascu,

Category Marketing Manager  Caroli Foods Group 

The Caroli Foods Group and the Agency teams involved in this project consist of:

Anamaria Bajan – Marketing, Business Development and PR Executive Director

Alina Lupascu – Category Marketing Manager

Creative & Strategy- Fiodor Ad Studio

Production House – Fiodor Ad Studio

Director – Razvan Marculescu