Domestic violence victims to have a final say on Valentine’s Day

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WIZO, the largest women’s association in Israel, the Families of Murder Victims organization alongside the advertising agency Gitam BBDO aimed to change the law related to domestic violence and targeted influential politicians on Tu B’Av, the Hebrew Valentine’s Day, by sending them flowers, albeit not regular roses or just colorful bouquets.

The ministers and the Parliament members got dried mourning flowers, taken from the murder victims’ graves.

In a burst of rage, jealousy or temporary insanity, the husbands killed tens of women in 2016. With a relaxed punishment for the perpetrators, the phenomena just got worse in the next year and the number of murdered women by their own spouse continued to increase.

Something had to be done in order to impact the decision-makers in Israel to change a very relaxed law and prevent any more domestic violence deaths.

The campaign was shot and produced in collaboration with some of the murdered women’s children. Although a very emotional and personal journey, they were committed to the cause and believed in its purpose.

Thousands of shares and hundreds of thousands of comments to a very heated discussion that started online followed the launch.

The campaign, worth over 50.000 E in earned media, sparked debates in all the political factions, and three bills are currently on the legislators’ table, aimed at changing the legislation and the punishment degree in order to prevent the next murder.

After all, there are flowers that no woman should receive.

Launched on Tu B’Av day, the campaign had a comeback on 14th of February, in order to raise awareness on the domestic violence issue worldwide.