Find your color, in a campaign by Mercadier and GloryParis

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Everyone is unique, and among the infinite potential of colors, one color matches each one of us. It is through this perspective formulated by the agency Gloryparis, that Mercadier, producer of color shades and materials for 15 years, has decided to invite everyone to discover their Chromatic DNA.

As part of the campaign and under the signature “Everyone is color”, Mercadier leads a psychological and human study on colors and develops a new method to define the unique color matching each single person, with their own personality, emotions, philosophy, tastes, desires, fears and joys.

Designed by experts – a Human Sciences graduate, Mercadier’s colorist, and a mathematician, the device allows to translate human personality into colorimetric terms, and to develop an algorithm capable of determining, among an assortment of colors, everyone’s own Chromatic DNA. It translates an emotional expression into a rational revelation.

A few pioneers have already tried out the process. While filming them, from their personal interview to the discovery of their Chromatic DNA, Mercadier reveals the steps setting determining the conception of this highly-customized color.

Arnaud Le Bacquer, from GloryParis, at the origin of this concept, reacts as well:

We have decided to bring a new value to Mercadier in the universe of decoration, with the willingness to reveal the true color of people through their personality.

Through this detailed customization, Mercadier believes in tailor-made colors, giving each individual their singularity. As a universal source of human information, the DNA presents itself as the architectural plan determining features and functions proper to each one of us.

Unlike to Biological DNA, combining multiple nucleotides, and a genetic code exclusive to each one of us, the Chromatic DNA is a fusion of various colors, pondered and linked to one’s personality.

Because each one of us is unique, everyone matches to a unique colour. This colour is singular to every person carrying out the process. Then, we are free to use it how we wish, without putting aside Mercadier’s advises. Offering ourselves or a peer this experience is an excellent personal present. Escaping the ordinary, Mercadiers gives everyone the chance to give meaning and exclusivity to the color inside them.

A personalized consultation to find out one’s color is possible by booking it with Mercadier online or via email to The process would involve an online 30 mins meeting through Skype or Hangouts. The reception of your “Chromatic DNA” color: 1 liter of paint ‘Le Mat’ under 10 days through colissimo or collection in a sales point. The fee for the personalized color – online meeting and the processing of your own color – is applicable in France and is of  €139

Mercadier is a specialized manufacturer in decorative materials: decorative concrete, seamless floors, paint, lime. For 15 years, Mercadier works on developing innovative decorating products, considering current technical and environmental constraints, to surprise us and accompany us in our projects.

Born in Aix-en-Provence in 2003, this family business relies on values such as innovation, transmission and skills. Products are technical while being easy of use and without giving up on durable and qualitative achievements. Transmission of knowledge through individual relationships with clients and advice on the establishment of products are at the center of the company’s ideals. Nowadays, Mercadier has approximately 50 re-sellers (including 5 shops in Paris, Rouen, Lille, Aix-en-Provence and one online shop), with a sales revenue of 2 million euros, including 35% of exports.

Gloryparis is a communication and creative agency, intending to encourage convincing and propagating debates. For Gloryparis, the priority is audacity which leads to glory.


AGENCY : Gloryparis

Creative directors : Hugues Pinguet, Arnaud Le Bacquer

Commercial director : Jean-Baptiste Herman

Account Managers : Meriem Bouthiba, Thomas Demard

Artistic Director : Gabriel Bonnefond

PRODUCER : Karim Zériahen

Original music composed by Thierry Caroubi