IAA President, speaker at Cannes Lions 2018

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Felix Tataru, the International Advertising Association President (IAA) and GMP Group founder, present on the  Cannes Lions international creativity festival’s scene:

For decades the Festival has been growing the industry’s standards, but how much of what our industry is rising to this level? 10, maybe 20%, the rest being just mediocre works. IAA offers directions and tools in order to reduce the tyrany of mediocracy so that the consumer will start respecting the industry and to even love it!

On the grounds of an historically minimum trust in the worlds’ political leaders, the consumers are waiting from the marketing and communication industry to get involved and be respectable. This is being possible when the communication is open from one heart to another one, is the conclusion of the presentation held by Felix Tataru on the scene of Cannes Lions, the international creativity festival that reached its 65th edition. The festival reunites and awards the elite from industries such as advertising, marketing, communication, entertainment, design, technology.

„From Head to Heart – What’s Coming Next?” is the theme of the section in which opening talked Felix Tataru. The presentation was focused on the consumers’ experiences and expectations in 2018. Besides Tataru’s, presentations were held by Tim Kobe (Founder & CEO Eight Inc.) and Nancy Kramer (Chief Evangelist, IBM iX).

With 20 years of experiences, Felix Tataru considers that those whom are working in the industry need to be conscientious of the power they have and how they can use it in order to create a positive impact.

Most of the times we base ourselves on the rational communication that sometimes succeeds in moving the consumer, a communication from our mind to their hearts. But how will the next level look like? I believe we can change the world through creativity, but that supposes to have a direct communication from the heart of the one that creates to the heart of the consumer.But, in order to reach someone’s heart, we need to discover our own emotions, the things that move us, motivate, give sense”

Felix Tataru