Piatraonline and Marks launch the FoodRocks competition

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Piatraonline is a natural stone warehouse aiming to turn into a creative hub that supports design initiatives, an inspiration accelerator for everyone in need of a playground to bring ideas forward. Also, it is an inspiration benchmark for the food industry in Romania and that also preoccupies not only with the culinary universe that it creates, but also for the visual one.

Marks and the stone warehouse launched a competition for Romanian designers, challenging them to created new kitchenware and accessories from stone.

The proposals received within the competition will be judged by a specialized jury, with 5 winning projects to become reality. The awards are Euro 1,000 for first and second ranked and Euro 500 for the third ranked.

Maybe you are thinking about a set of minimalist glasses, an asymmetric plate or an atypical salt cellar. Whatever it crosses your mind can become a collection in the limited edition signed by you and put into sale at Piatraonline.ro. The competition is addresses to those that are makers and that want to put their ideas into practice. You can enter a drawing, a blueprint, a 3D rending, and if the jury chooses your idea, then we will make it see the light of the day. We will find solutions and produce it. It doesn’t matter if you are a student or an experienced designer, the competition is an open call for those who have vision and talent

Mia Munteanu,

Client Service Director Marks

Moreover, the winning projects will have their own launching event, an exhibition in the concept-space Piatraonline , where personalities in the fields of the creative industries, renowned chefs and restaurants’ owners will see live the selected collections will be able to pre-order.

The ideas can be submitted at www.foodrocks.ro until July 30th 2018.



  • Mia Munteanu, Client Service Director
  • Ana-Maria Predut, Account Executive
  • Maria Stefanita, Art Director
  • Sabina Stanciucu, Copywriter
  • Irina Radu, Copywriter
  • Dan Hagiu, DTP


  • Mariana Constantinescu-Bradescu, Managing Partner
  • Sergiu Constantinescu-Bradescu, Managing Partner
  • Andreea Cleo, Web Designer
  • Maria Stanciuc, Copywriter


  • Cristina Cuvineanu, Group Account Director
  • Radu Bucur, Business Developer
  • Bianca Talasman, Account Manager