Oscar Downstream has a new image

Branding, Events

It is said that the value of a company, a person or a group is given by the sum of the individual values and the way in which they are held day by day. Therefore, Oscar Downstream decided it’s time the image would show and represent better its values. The new Oscar wants to talk openly about professionalism, quality,respect, care and smart driving in supporting the development of a community in which things are done with sustainability, following the quality constantly and the added value.

The new image presented by Oscar is a natural step for a company that extends itself and evolves. Moreover, the company is:

  • Developing the cards’ portfolio and introducing three types of cards: Energy – credit card, Easy – prepaid card and Joy – the voucher card – marketing and loyalty tool;
  • Expanding the products’ portfolio with 4 new types of fuel in the ACTIS and FORTIS ranges;
  • Creating a francize brand and expending the national coverage; 
  • Extending the services range;
  • Integrated logistic network

All these changes have been possible with an EUR 30 million investment.