Romanian Historia Rediviva launches the educational project “100 Years Ago”

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Through the launch of the project Acum 100 ani” (100 Years Ago), Historia Rediviva marks the start of the concept Visual History, an immersive, gamefied approach, a dramatized manner of presenting the historical information, brought in present through visual means, using 3D technology and virtual reality. Therefore, history becomes entertainment.

We passed the half year of celebrating the centenary of the Big Union,but, unfortunately, the cultural projects and the celebrations of this historic event are, for now, lacking the awaited amplitude and the complexity, in clear disagreement with the dimensions of the War for Integrating, fought by Romania. It would be dishonorable for us to forget that the Big Union wouldn’t have been possible without the 960 days in which the country was engaged in battles that ended with almost 1 million victims (dead, wounded and MIAs), a number that relative to the population of almost 8 million inhabitants of the Old Kingdom of 1916 represents a terrible price paid

Adrian Pandea

Manager, Military Publishing House Romania 

The project is addressed especially to the young generation, communicating in the language of their generation, using technology as an authentic interaction tool, based on empathy.

We believe that the history is presented attractively, including for the young generation. Therefore, any time is possible, the Humanitas publisher tries to support the educational initiatives that have a new approach and that broaden the access to information through innovative means.What attracted us the most at this project was that it shows history in a cinematographic manner. Visual History is not about the told or mechanically recited history, but about the history in which you become an indirect witness because you can see it in simulations, journal fragments and documents

Anda Visan

PR & Marketing Coordinator Humanitas Publishing House


The educational platform, thought as a collaborative resource and a qualified source to teach the youngsters about that moment in Romania’s history reunites information about Romania’s involvement in the First World War and the life in the foxholes. In order to make it easy to access them, the pieces of information are divided into intuitive sections: Armies, Battles, Personalities, Autobiographies, Decorations.

Each medal on the site can be seen 3D, therefore transforming the documentation experience into an almost sensory one. It’s our way of putting an accent on the fact that we are proposing ourselves to paint the picture of the history in authentic shades. Sometimes, history unfairly glorifies pseudo-heroes. Sometimes, history shuts up when it shouldn’t. Sometimes, the past is re-written, either by omission, either by wrong re-interpretations. Our project proposes itself to re-bring in public’s attention the year of the Big War in a light that represents the historic truth,without falling to the mystification. The Romanian army wasn’t spared during the War for the Country’s Reunion by lost battles, commanders that committed big errors in leading or running the battles, not by desperate moments. And our project proposes itself to document this road in the foxholes both in reality and figuratively, with good and bad

 Radu Olteanu,

Project’s initiator 


We were happy to discover in the project’s initiator the passion for history that is animating us and the Historia magazine’s readers, as well. And, even we love the written word and the documented articles, we are seeing that the new generation needs more dynamics, more color, a different approach. With these unique elements this project conquered us and convinced us that through our partnership we can re-give the history in a modern note

 Ion M. Ionita

Editor-In-Chief, Historia Magazine