20+ reasons to attend IAA Global Conference « Creativity 4 Better »

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The IAA Global Conference “Creativity 4 Better”  is quickly approaching and reasons to attend to it multiply.  The experiences proposed by the organizers for the 2nd edition of the event scheduled to take place in Bucharest cover 4 important areas of creativity: communication, technology, sustainability and education. Among experience proposed are sensorial ones with the Japanese media artist Nao Tokui, playful ones with RFRSH Entertainment, an innovative e-sports company, the impactfull experience of Burning Man with its current CEO and many more.

The list of already confirmed speakers, which will share inspiration from their real, day to day work, from CEOs to Creative Directors, from young entrepreneurs and influencers that impact their communities to media people, developers and leaders:

  1. Tal-Ben Shahar, the Happiness professor, who delivered one of the most popular classes in the history of Harvard
  2. Marian Goodell, founding member & the CEO of Burning Man, perhaps the most famous festival in the whole wide world, an entire city in the Nevada desert.
  3. Robbie Douek, the president of RFRSH Entertainment, will introduce us to the world of gaming and will talk about the way gaming intertwines more and more with branding, advertising and experience marketing.
  4. Antje Hundhausen, VP Brand Experience Deutsche Telekom, will bring into focus those smart technologies that disrupt the fashion industry
  5. Tony Fernandes, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Asia, will talk about the journey of founding the first low-cost airline in the region and transforming it into a success story.
  6. Fredrik Borestrom, Agency Development Partner LinkedIn, will bring insights from the business & HR dedicated social network
  7. Tim Kobe, founder and CEO of Eight Inc., a strategic design company that creates offline brand experiences, often nicknames “Apple’s best kept secret”
  8. Eva și Marta Yarza, two young women from Spain will give us insights about entrepreneurship after college and what’s it like to open a design studio in one of the most competitive city in the world: London. They have recently got a well sought for industry award: the D&AD pencil!
  9. Michael Gunton, the Creative Director of BBC Natural History, will tell us stories about working with Sir David Attenborough, about those over 200 productions that he worked on and especially the last of them, Planet Earth II, which has been watched by over half of UK’s population!
  10. Scott Goodson, founder and CEO of Strawberry Frog, a digital award-winning agency in NY which specializes in creating profound cultural movements in brand communities.
  11. Christina Keller, Facebook & Instagram Creative Shop Leader Europe, about the support the network offers its partner agencies and clients to implement the best mobile-first solutions.
  12. Sebastian Dobrincu, a very young Romanian entrepreneur, about the other side of the coin: measuring the efficiency of Instagram campaings with the dedicated platform that he built: Storyheap.
  13. Sheree Atcheson is another presence from the tech field that will enchant the IAA Global Conference audience. She has developed Women Who Code UK, to take a stand against gender discrimination in this industry.
  14. Jaime Mandelbaum is the Chief Creative Officer Young & Rubicam and one of the most awarded creatives globally. The world’s biggest brands have crossed his desk!
  15. Tom Szaky is another unconventional entrepreneur : his company, TerraCycle, deals with the collection and repurposing of complex waste streams and he’ll inspire us to lead a healthier, more conscientious life.
  16. Nao Tokui will be the musical inspiration, but again out of the ordinary. Nao uses AI to bring to life surprising multimedia music shows, and we’ll experiment such a DJ set on 2-3 October in Bucharest.
  17. Oobah Butler, the most recently confirmed speaker, is a young British freelance writer, who breaks the internet with life hacks about how to get a free all you can eat for your peers of how to transform your shed in the #1 London restaurant on TripAdvisor.

Besides the speakers, there are a few more reasons for which the conference in Bucharest is appealing:

  • Networking: the mixed, pan-European, audience at « Creativity 4 Better » will give you the chance to meet people from all the corners of the world and from all industries, so that next time you’re looking up for partners you know who to write to.
  • The Conference will take place at the National Theatre of Bucharest, a distinct, elegant interior, right in the eye of the city, so that you can later have a blast in the old town!
  • Bucharest is a vibrant capital, with a diverse nightlife and numerous restaurants and other hidden gems, blasts from the communist past, which intrigue all visiting foreigners.
  • The short, dynamic format will ensure single-minded and to the point key notes, without boredom and redundancies.
  • The speakers are professionals and their daily work is what truly inspires. Whether we have global CEOs or young entrepreneurs who have managed to develop a business in an extremely competitive landscape, all will bring real stories right from their desks.
  • The organizers propose also an executive networking opportunity: the Gala Dinner, on the 2nd of October, in a premium location. Tickets to the Gala Dinner can be bought separately as well, from here.

Tickets for the conference can still be booked by 15th of September and are yet under the Late Bird special price.

The IAA Global Conference team would like to thank their partners that help make this possible: Medlife, BBC.com, Coca-Cola, Kaufland, Ursus Breweries, Telekom, Google, Banca Transilvania, Nespresso, Tiriac Auto and Mercedes Benz, Promenada, Sâmburesti.