Leroy Merlin gives the creative people a challenge and EUR 2500 prizes


Leroy Merlin, one of the most important retailers in the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) market, launches a challenge for all the creatives out there: visual artists, fashion designers, graphic designers, photographers etc, under the shape of a design competition for the Leroy Merlin’s teams outfits, with prizes of EUR 2500.

Our organizational culture puts a great accent on adapting to the needs and desires of each team member. «Together» values very much for us and is, beyond anything, about communicating and finding solutions in order for the time spent together to bring us satisfaction. Therefore, in 2017, we created the Campaign project through which every colleague could express themselves regarding what he/she likes in the company, what he/she wants to be improved and how he /she sees the future alongside Leroy Merlin. Due to the dissatisfaction of our colleagues about their outfits, we’ve decided to improve their quality and image. This project will hep us show our colleagues the care we have for them and their comfort at the workplace, the engagement that the company has towards its team,”said Frederic Lamy, CEO Leroy Merlin Romania.

The context:

In 2017, through the means of the internal project  „Eu în cadrul companiei, clientii Leroy Merlin, compania în viitor” (Me in the company, the Leroy Merlin clients, the company in the future“, 2000 of the Leroy Merlin employees mentioned several aspects that they consider should be improved, a large percentage referring to their work garments. Therefore, in 2018 we build a work group and the need to investigate more in depth with the help of the company’s 750 employees and clients, with the purpose of finding the solution adapted to the express needs.

The problem:

Besides the aspects that are about functionality, the Leroy Merlin team highlighted the fact that they would like their outfits to be more cheerful and to show the enthusiasm, to inspire them to offer them a plus in trust in the interaction with the client.

The solution?

The competition „Outfit Design by Leroy Merlin” will be taking place on the platform The Creator by IQads.ro, and the main brief’s request was to highlight the concept in a creative manner that will fill the functionality and versatility functions of the garment. The entered works by the participants will be evaluated by both a professional jury formed by Leroy Merlin’s HR and Marketing teams, alongside Mirela Bucovicean (founder Molecule-F), Rares Mateescu, (founder Cufir) and Miruna Spataru (IQads), as well as an online vote. The professional jury vote willcountas 70 percent, while the public vote as 30 percent.

The campaign takes place in the period October 24th – December 2nd 2018, while on December 11 will be announced the winners. The prizes will be: first place – EUR 1200 euro, second place  – EUR 800 and third place  – EUR 500. The contest’s brief and rules are available here: https://creator.iqads.ro/leroymerlin/brief