Golin redefines PR with new progressive approach


Interpublic Group’s Golin announced a new progressive approach aimed to reclaiming PR, redefining it and moving it forward. In an era of unprecedented communications confusion, Golin’s plan is designed to drive pride in PR and deliver stronger, measurable business results to clients. Golin’s actions will include significant investments across their core g4 competencies – media and influencer relations, customer experience (CX) tools and earned-first creative talent.

In recent years, agencies across the globe, including Golin, ran away from the PR term, in favor of other buzz words like integrated, digital and marketing. Progressive PR reinforces the importance of effective public relations for companies and brands, while also cementing the value of public relations for professionals who have dedicated their careers to it.

In the age of earned media, our industry needs to have clarity and conviction on the impact public relations has on business (…) Public relations has never been more vital than it is today. Clients know that attention cannot be bought, it must be earned first. PR professionals do this better than anyone else. We’re proud of what we do and we want to encourage others to share in our commitment to this dynamic discipline.

Matt Neale

As part of Golin’s progressive PR strategy, the agency launched a new global operating system with a suite of products to support data and analytics. The new technology is designed to predict and inform strategies and measure results throughout the entire customer journey.

The first, Relevance Radar, is a powerful artificial intelligence listening platform that helps predict, mitigate and measure opportunities for clients. The second, CXPR, blends Customer Experience with Public Relations techniques to build deeper relationships with customers, tell compelling stories and connect with influencers in the moments that matter. CXPR leverages insights from social data to inform business decisions. Both Relevance Radar and CXPR align public relations with the entire customer journey to maximize impact for clients.

To help clients reach a profoundly diverse global market, Golin has pledged that each of its offices reflect the cities and communities in which they are based in. To achieve this aim, Golin has hired Margenett Moore-Roberts, Yahoo!’s former global head of inclusion and diversity. In her role as Golin’s chief inclusion and diversity officer, Margenett is counselling clients and staff on effective strategies to reach diverse communities around the world.

Golin is a progressive public relations agency that aligns earn-first, data-driven creative with the customer journey, to deliver maximum impact for clients and reach a profoundly diverse global market. Golin has 50 offices around the world, more than 1700 employees and more than 60 years of experience.