Joining Friends\ TBWA\ Bucharest, Dan Sendroiu will develop its strategy department

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Dan Sendroiu, former BBDO and with 14 years of experience on Romanian advertising market, joins Friends\ TBWA\ Bucharest, bringing with him an extensive experience on local and international accounts, reflected in campaigns which are part of the recent history of Romanian advertising.

Dan’s mission in the new team is to increase the number of global clients in agency’s portfolio and to support the development of courageous and innovative campaigns for the local ones.

At Friends\ TBWA\ Bucharest, Sendroiu will work closely with the creative department, in order to increase the number of global clients but also to apply the principles of the TBWA work philosophy based on disruption within clients’ communication strategies.

When I first tried to get hired in advertising, quite a lot of years ago, I sent the same message to all the agency emails I could find in the Media&Advertising Annual Report that Mediafax was publishing. The campaign wasn’t a success, as I received just one reply, from, from Sorin himself, that was asking me what I know to do. I didn’t know anything back then but, meanwhile, I’ve learned some things. Now I came among the friends from Friends to make together good campaigns and strong brands. I know it is a place with good people, a place where I can have a significant contribution and I hope it is a place where I can learn a lot. So that’s how I got here

Dan Șendroiu,

Strategy Director Friends\ TBWA\ Bucharest


I am happy to work again with Dan. It is known that strategy and creation are brothers since they were little and were playing together in front of the home. I am happy we keep “play” with briefs, ideas and executions. It is a challenge to have next to you a strategy team that knows how to keep you plugged

Eugen Suman,

Creative Director Friends\ TBWA\ Bucharest

Friends\ TBWA\ Bucharest conceived, planned and implemented over 1,000 campaigns for local and international clients. The agency was founded as an ad agency in 2003 and, 10 years later, merged with TBWA Bucharest, becoming a full-service agency with creative DNA  ;