Thomas Hofmann takes over as Chief Marketing & Digital Officer of Romanian pharmacies chain Dona

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Romanian pharmacies chain Dona consolidates its top management team by appointing Thomas Hofmann in its Board. Hofmann will be Dona’s new Chief Marketing&Digital Officer and has the mission to influence company’s marketing strategy and to coordinate the communication, branding and digital activities, so they will help achieving the business objectives.

I am very happy we managed to attract close to us a professional such is Thomas Hofmann. I know well his way of work and I have a deep respect for his achievements. I admit I feel an added comfort and trust considering his remarkable experience in European pharma retail sector. I wish him fast accommodation and good results

Dr. Eugen Banciu,

President Dona Group

Thomas Hofmann has over 25 years of accumulated experience on senior positions in renown companies (Renault, Volkswagen, Intel, McDonald’s) and international ad agencies (BBDO, HAVAS), and dedicated the last 10 years to online and offline retail industry. Between 2009-2014, Thomas Hofmann ran the independent pharmacies chain Alphega in Germany, as General Manager, while occupying, in the same time, a key position in coordinating the European marketing operations for the same network, ran by Walgreens Boots Alliance (Frankfurt / London).

I always had a passion for brands, but I feel a special attachment to the health sector. Dona represents for me a challenge, considering brand’s strong DNA, its development potential and the very dynamic and competitive local pharma market. What convinced me to accept the new role was the team here, a professional and very ambitious one. Having the chance to work with some of them in the past, in different contexts, convinced me of the human and professional special quality. And I am anxious to bring my contribution to achieving the mission to transform Dona in the most known, loved and respected name of pharmacy in Romania

Thomas Hofmann,

Chief Marketing & Digital Officer Dona Pharmacies

Dona Group includes Siefcofar SA, Dona.Logistica, Dona Marketing Group and the franchises Dona. With over €230M yearly turnover, Dona Group reunites 327 pharmacies owned by 12 entrepreneurial companies with Romanian private capital and over 2,500 health professionals with a common cause, to provide highest quality pharma services.