Ciucas brings the relaxation in your home

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Ciucas brings the relaxation from the meadow in the most comfortable place during winter: your living room. Until February 20th, the beer Ciucas invites the people to set up a “relaxation nest” at their homes and to equip it with a couch and a TV offered as prize each week. The entering mechanism is available online on the website

For a complete relaxing atmosphere during the winter in the Ciucas nest an incursion on the Ciucas website helps one create as many beautiful moments as possible to enjoy. Either we talk about the relaxing nature sounds that remind you of the meadow that you can find on the Winter relaxophone, of the delicious recipes or the jokes that will make you laugh non stop, they can all be found on Ciucas’ website.

Moreover, for the people full of imagination, it was prepared the Play with the nest: the place where one can arrange its own “virtual nest”, as he /she wants to, alongside the relaxation kit that they have the chance to win each week.

We know that, no matter the season, the relaxation is better alongside friends. Ciucas wants to bring friends closer and to create the right place for the re-comforting moments that they want alongside the dear ones. Therefore, we are happy to see that already a part of them have answered positively to our question “This winter, do you receive the relaxation?” and they are getting ready to enjoy the presents that we’ve prepared especially for them,” said Alexandra Silav, Brand Manager Ciucas.