“With Different Eyes” is the communication concept signed by pastel for Banometru – an ARC project


pastel invites Romanians to allow a specialist to look at their financial issues in order to find the best solution via the new communication campaign for the free social responsibility program “Banometru” developed by The Community Relations Association in partnership with ING Bank.

The concept of the campaign, “Look at your financial issues through different eyes. The specialist’s eyes!” stemmed from the fact that, whenever we are overwhelmed by a negative situation, a huge help comes from allowing someone else look at it from a different angle.

Empathy, understanding, and trust are elements that build the communication of the financial education program. The new concept includes a strong visual centered on the eyes of the financial consultants who are actually part of the Banometru program. The eyes of the specialists are what sustains the communication on all channels: website, social media and mass media.

The communication campaign started at the end of last year with a teaser directed at drawing general attention on the way the winter holidays affect Romanians’ budget, followed by study data regarding their attitude toward financial consulting, at the beginning of this year. Sadly, according to the research conducted together with Reveal Marketing Research, only 1% of Romanians would resort to a specialist’s help to solve a financial problem.

To communicate about the only free financial consulting program in Romania is not as easy as it might seem, especially when you address to a vulnerable audience, to people with grave financial issues, who no longer believe that real solutions exist for them. The pastel team foresaw the main challenge of the brief and went through all stages of the Banometru program in order to understand its advantages, as well as the shortcomings our beneficiaries face. Their involvement translated into a creative proposal which convinced us that we’ll achieve our goals and that we will bring the program to as many people who need it as possible,” said Madalina Marcu, Director Resource Development at The Association for Community Relations.

I believe that each of us needs Banometru, and this was the thought we had when we started documenting our communication campaign. We tested the program and went through the Banometru experience together with all my colleagues. We know what the program offers and we believe that the eyes of the specialists can spot the best solutions and outcomes when we set our minds to bringing order into our personal budgets,” stated Dana Nae Popa, Managing Director at pastel.

Banometru is a free social responsibility program created by The Association for Community Relations and ING Bank. It launched in 2016, aiming to offer its beneficiaries both basic information and insightful, customized consultancy in order to help them take healthy and informed financial decisions.

pastel is an integrated communication agency with more than 13 years of activity on the Romanian market, and over 5,000 projects developed both locally and for other markets. The agency’s portfolio includes clients from different industries, such as auto, FMCG, services, pharma, ONG, retail.

The Association for Community Relations (ARC) contributes to the mobilization of local resources in the benefit of the community. In this respect, ARC develops better relations between non-profit organizations, companies and citizens, so that they support each other and work together better.