PAID Romania and Mullen support the naming of March 4th The National Day of Awareness for the Natural Disasters

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The initiative proposes itself to raise the degree of awareness about the risks associated with the natural disasters, the level of education on this topic and to declare March 4th The National Day of Awareness for the Natural Disasters. 

PAID Romania (The Pool of Insurance against the National Disasters) and Mullen support the naming of March 4th, a day considered to have a strong emotional charge, as the day dedicated to raising awareness about the risks associated with the natural disasters. Such a day represents a national necessity taking in account the fact it can help us react more coherent and better in a high-pressure situation.

Starting today, Romanians can fill a form of supporting this initiative on and can gain more information about the mandatory PAD insurance policy.

It’s important to realize that we live in one of the countries with the biggest exposure to catastrophic risks. We don’t need to make out of this aspect a constant fear, but just to be careful. From the data in the studies that we have we can deduct that Romanians understand the role and the importance of the mandatory house insurance (the PAD policy). Still, only 19 percent of them have their houses insured. In this context, together with the Mullen team, starting from the impact that the 4th of March 1977 earthquake has on the collective mental, we proposed ourselves to generate a campaign meant to raise the level of awareness regarding the risks involved in the natural disasters. We chose the earthquake because this is the first thing we are thinking about  when we talk about natural disasters, but the flooding or the landslides have also an extremely important impact. From this reason we cannot allow ourselves to ignore them,” said Nicoleta Radu, General Director PAID Romania.


It’s obvious why we chose March 4th. Because we need a symbolic date, with as much as emotional charge as possible; a date that will remind us of the fact that the natural disasters,in general, and the earthquakes, especially, are imminent; a date that will help us understand that, institutions and people, we are part of this single project: the one called the cautious Romania. In a wrong way, we are tented to avoid these discussions: disasters, earthquakes… I think that we need to talk with honesty about these things: about their imminent happening, about our capacity and our incapacity of reacting, about how unprepared is this country to face a catastrophe. Because the first step in resolving a problem is even its awareness,” said Marius Tianu, Group Creative Director Mullen.

The initiative proposes itself to change the mentalities and the behaviors, to attract the attention on the risks represented by the unconsolidated buildings and to highlight the need of an educational theme in this sense. At the same time, PAID will roll a series of actions that will facilitate a better collaboration between the population, the NGOs and different state institutions.

The campaign develops in all communication media, into an integrated system of special projects: 10 national radio stations will role the same message at  21.22 o’clock on March 4th 1977, when the earthquake took place; a gigantic  mesh in Bucharest’s center that represents a building affected by the earthquake and big digital projections.

The teams involved in this campaigns were:

PAID: Nicoleta Radu – General Director, Oana Radu – PR Director

Mullen: Marius Tianu (Group Creative Director), Radu Vasile (Senior Art Director), Ana-Maria Ciobotaru (Senior Copywriter), Delia Mija (Senior Art Director), Adrian Radu (AV Director), Mihai Preotu (Head of Strategy), Mădălina Marica (Group Account Director & Strategic Planner), Gabriela Alexandrescu (Deputy Managing Director).

Profero: Ovidiu Popa – Account Director, Larisa Tagarta – Project Manager

Initiative: Dana Marinescu – Client Service Director, Anca Ionescu – Account Director, Cosmin Otel – Digital Strategy Director, Lavinia Mitran – Senior Digital Planner, Ruxandra Voicu – Online Media Planner, Catalina Ghita – Media Buyer, Andreea Varlan – OOH Media Buyer