Romanian state news agency Agerpres joined European Data News Hub

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Romanian state news agency Agerpres joined European Data Hub (EDNH), a platform co-founded by AFP that recently launched an improved version.

Recognized already as a site of reference for major European problems, EDNH (European Data News Hub) launched a new version of the platform, more open to European news and accessible in multiple languages, with the purpose to bring the online users and global mass-media valuable understanding over the most important problems in EU (Brexit, European elections, migrants crisis and politics to fight climatic changes)

Starting March, Agerpress joined the consortium of agencies producing EDNH (AFP, ANSA and dpa).

Already available in 5 languages (English, German, French, Italian and Spanish), it will be available from now on both in Hungarian and Romanian.

Christina Buhagiar, Director for Europe within AFP:

We are happy to contribute to EDNH bu distributing towards the public verified information and data achieved in a correct manner. EDNH fulfills an essential mission to promote a better understanding of the major problems EU is facing in a moment where many disinformation campaigns are run.

The content, which is not under author rights, can be downloaded and published by media and distributed by online users.

EDNH content is also distributed all over the world by agencies towards their subscribers, newspapers, TV stations, radios, online and mobile websites, data bases and institutions. EDNH is supported by European Comission and has total editorial independence