Cannes Lions introduces new Creative Brand of the Year award to celebrate creative teams driving brand performance

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Cannes Lions has introduced Creative Brand of the Year, a new Special Award to celebrate brands that successfully use creativity as a lever to drive their business forward. The Award will honor individual brands, and in turn recognize their partner agencies, on a collective mission to drive business performance through creativity. The inaugural winner will be the brand that accumulates the most points from its shortlisted and winning entries at Cannes Lions 2019.

This new Award joins the roster of other Special Awards that are won through points accumulated for winning Lions at the Festival, rather than awarded by a jury. These include: Holding Company of the Year, Network of the Year, Agency of the Year, Independent Agency of the Year, Media Network of the Year, The Palme d’Or, Healthcare Network of the Year and Healthcare Agency of the Year.

Simon Cook, Managing Director Cannes Lions:

The Creative Brand of the Year award is designed to recognise the creative risks that individual brands take to distinguish their product in different regions around the world. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the bravery and forward thinking of both the individual brand and the offices within agencies that work directly on that brand producing ever more creative ideas.

Brands credited in the Brand/Client or Product/Service fields on all shortlisted or winning submissions will accrue points as follows:

  • 35 points for a Titanium and Creative Effectiveness Grand Prix
  • 30 points for all other Grand Prix, including Grand Prix for Good
  • 30 points for a Titanium Lion
  • 15 points for a Gold Lion
  • 7 points for a Silver Lion
  • 3 points for a Bronze Lion
  • 1 point for a shortlist position

Multi-brand organisations, whose portfolio of products and services are marketed under more than one brand are not eligible for Creative Brand of the Year. Instead, these companies are eligible for Creative Marketer of the Year, an honorary award selected by the Festival and presented to an advertiser that has built a long-standing reputation for creative bravery and innovative marketing. Previous winners of the Creative Marketer of the Year include; Google, Burger King, Samsung Electronics and Heineken with the 2019 recipient announced shortly.

The 2019 Creative Brand of the Year will be awarded onstage at the final Awards Show on Friday 21 June.