McCann PR launches the first three ATL campaigns for Biofarm

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McCann PR, the first integrated communication campaign, started in 2018 the collaboration with Biofarm, one of the first Romanian drugs and food supplements’ producer. The partnership with Biofarm refers to integrated communication campaigns for some of the most known and loved brands in Romania: Triferment, Carbocit, Devaricid.

The collaboration with Biofarm strengthens McCann PR’s positioning as full service communication agency and consolidates its integrated expertise in healthcare. We are ready and already enrolled in a mission as beautiful as challenging: to re-thing, totally, the communication of some very well known and performant brands in the market. We are launching the first campaigns – in a consolidated creation, strategy and digital endeavors,” said Ruxandra Vasilescu, Business Director McCann PR.

McCann PR chose to handle a part of the communication projects for Biofarm following a pitch organized by the company at the end of 2018.

Alongside the agency McCann PR we highlighted the most relevant insights for our consumers and we addressed them in a creative manner, but also extremely good anchored in the products’ market reality. We already see that the new communication campaigns bring a fresh breath for the Biofarm image, but at the same time continue to be relevant for the target familiar with our portfolio of products. This year we are in a process of communication change for some of the brands in our portfolio and we are happy that we have alongside us a team with a lot of experience, but also with a very good energy,” commented Ana-Maria Lăscuț, Marketing Unit Manager.

The first communication campaign done following the new partnership was for the brand Carbocit and has at its basis the premises that when you are a child,many things are seen as being sweet and funny by those around and therefore are accepted. But when you become an adult, the things change. Pragmatic, but also funny, Carbocit becomes, therefore, a modern solution, but also easy to be understood, for the persons that confront themselves with bloating.

The second brand that benefits of a new campaign is Triferment that targets the persons with enzymes’ deficit through a simple call on: Gusta viata de dupa masa! (Taste the life after the meal). Because the life doesn’t stop after having the meal, the whole communication is based in keeping the life’s rhythm, by preventing the discomfort caused by the potential digestive problems.

After Triferment, Devaricid is the third brand that enjoys a new, fresh and creative communication. Starting from the idea that sometimes you can feel that your feet hurt you so bad that you feel like walking in hands, Devaricid proposes a new type of world in which we are all taking care of our feet.

Biofarm is the type of partner that pushes you beyond the usual challenges of the pharma industry. We are the type of agency that feeds with challenges. From this complementarity it couldn’t come up anything but good, that would confirm the strategic, creative and executional standards that we are imposing ourselves every day. From the insight and up to the filming, we felt that we are doing  something special together and the results can be seen,” added Claudiu Dobrita, Creative Director McCann PR.

The teams:


Ana-Maria Lăscuț – Marketing Unit Manager

Florentina Nedelcu – Brand Manager

Ruxandra Dragomirescu – Brand Manager

McCann PR:

Ruxandra Vasilescu – Business Director

Claudiu Dobriță – Creative Director

Andrei Alexandru – Head of Strategy

Laura Aldea – Chief Growth Officer

Alexandra Rus – Account Director

Alexandra Cărăbuși – Senior Account Executive

Dorina Cioriia – Art Director

Vlad Tomei – Senior Copywriter