„Happy ending stories”, an awareness campaign launched by Apa Nova


Happy ending storiesis an awareness campaign launched by Apa Nova in June, through which it proposes itself to bring in the people that live in Bucharest attention the importance of the sewerage system, as well as its correct usage. The campaign was develop by the communication agency Porter Novelli.

The sewerage network is essential for keeping up the city’s hygiene and maintaining it to the European standards, regarding the protection of the environment. The effects of the incorrect usage can lead to the citizens’ discomfort in the Capital through the growth of the number of damages, the release of unpleasant smells, the water accumulations and the discharge on the city’s streets, the environment pollution, as well as,in extreme cases, the generating of epidemics.

Therefore, Apa Nova proposed itself to inform the population so that the sewerage system would be treated correctly by eliminating the perception that it can be assimilated to a trash can and the impermissible waste stopped being thrown away in the toilet or in the sinks’ trap.

In order to start a behavioral change we appealed to the biggest feeling, the love, with its sub-chapter: the fear of losing the loved one. Therefore, we illustrated some situations found at the limit of the love failure, but whose resolving is found in the behavior’s change for the better. Appealing to the existential fear caused by loosing the partner, we dramatize the daily situations that we want to correct and we are presenting them mirrored in their antithesis: the happy ending story,”explained Ana-Maria Balan (Creative Director Porter Novelli).

At the moment, in the sewage is thrown waste such as construction materials, electronics, hair, oil, personal hygiene products, etc. Only in 2018, have been evacuated from the sewage system around 4.5 tons of waste. Recently, this value grew annually with 0.5 tons. In this context, the citizens’ awareness and responsibility over the manner in which is used the sewage system and its appendix would lead to a more efficient waste management.

„Schimba-ti obiceiurile proaste de dragul persoanei iubite, pana nu te schimba ea pe tine” (Change your bad habits for the sake of the loved one until they change you) is the tagline that encourages the people of Bucharest to become more responsible and more careful towards the environment. Through this campaign, Apa Nova wants to offer clear information about the correct usage of the sewage system and to normalize the correct habits.

The campaign is centered around three types of waste that are thrown in the toilet frequently: the hair, the oil and the condoms, common use objects that receive a symbolic value and become the catalyst of the behavioral change.  Therefore, were created three TVCs centered around those three important waste categories. The campaign is present on TV,digital and will be visible in the next 1,5 months.

Moreover, on the campaign’s landing page  the videos offer the users the possibility of choosing the ending: the incorrect throwing away of the waste in the toilet or its correct disposal in the trash can.


  • Apa Nova: Ramona Dumitru (Communication & PR Director).
  • Porter Novelli: Sorina Mihai (Managing Partner Porter Novelli), Ana-Maria Balan (Creative Director), Florentina Dinu (Strategic Planner), Madalina Buhos (Copywriter), Tudor Nastase (Senior Art Director), Georgiana Stavarache (Account Director), Roxana Bursuc (Account Manager), Alex Stoianovici (Senior Account).


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