Control Club launches “Tag Your Ideas”, first artist Andreea Chirica


The alternative culture has always found its place at Control Club through the huge convergence in music, events, atmosphere and people. In its 11 years of activity the club’s mission was to facilitate the Bucharest public’s access to Europe and the world’s latest trends in music and art. Therefore it attracted a young,loyal, open to new and creativity public. Control brings together the artsy, bohemian, smart-trendy people.

Now, Control’s scene gets a new dimension by launching its first “canvas” of open space urban art, open daily and almost non-stop, where it brings together visual artists and brands that feel the city vibrating stronger towards 4, Constantin Mille Street.

Although we live in a city with a big surface, the street art – tags, the graffiti, the murals, don’t seem to visually enrich the Capital’s story – there are way too many and too hidden, while the Romanian art is suffocating in too small galleries and too rigid museums. From this insight started the idea of -TAG YOUR IDEAS – as a place where the artist are invited to create an urban story that would be exposed to a formed public. Daily, hundreds of people come to Control Club for the proposal that its owners want to respect: THE ALTERNATIVE.

Therefore, TAG YOUR IDEAS becomes a new city visual communication platform that completes the need of supporting an artistic manifest that beautifies our existence. Each month, a new artist will reinterpret the billboard-wall in the club’s interior garden, supporting a speech that had already been started by other artists about the way in which the public space in the city can be used, at the intersection between the public and the private. The eclectic melange that this project wants to create will last at least an year and will complete an urban cultural dialogue started 11 years ago.

The vernisagge will happen July 11th, 20.00 o’clock. The entrance is free and the curator Eugen Radescu.


“Orasul la picioarele noastre”  (The city at our feet)-  as the artist has unofficially named her work – is a visual pleading for the Bucharest’s exploration no matter if it’s with the car,the taxi, the scooter, the bicycle or walking, and for the try of assuming it as part of us.

Andreea Chirica is illustrator and author of graphic books. She published “The year of the pioneer” in 2011 to which she took part in Comic Con New York and the International Comic Books Saloon in Barcelona. Her second graphic book ”Home Alone” was part of the central exhibition Romanian Design Week 2017 and won the award for Illustration at “Cele mai frumoase carti din Romania” (The most beautiful books in Romania), still in 2017.

Moreover, she published comic books and illustrations in The Guardian, Die Tageszeitung, LA Times, Re:public Sweden, Elle Romania. She is frequently collaborating with Scena9 and DOR.  She exhibited for Kunstraum Walcheturm Zurich, Visual Kontakt Cluj, Creart Bucharest, Centrul Mora Bucharest, ComiXconnection  Zagreb, Bratislava.

Eugen Radescu is cultural manager, curator and theoretician, with background in political science (specialized on moral relativism and political ethics). He wrote for various magazines and newspapers. He curated, among others, Bucharest Biennale 1 with the theme “Identity Factories”, “How Innocent Is That?” , “presently i have nothing to show and i’m showing it!” and “Common Nostalgia” at Pavilion Bucharest. He published the book “How Innocent Is That?” at Revolver Book Berlin. He is co-editor of PAVILION – journal for politics and culture and co-director of Bucharest Biennale and the chairman of the organisational board of PAVILION and BUCHAREST BIENNALE. He is member of the selection board at apexart for the programs “Franchise” and “Unsolicited Proposal Program”. He held different lectures at several institutions such as apex, New York, Badisher Kunstverein, Karlshrue, Casa Encedida, Madrid, Paris Photo, Paris, Gulbenkian Centre, Lisbon. He is professor at Bucharest University and Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj. Lives and works in Bucharest.