Miruna Macsoda is Rusu+Bortun Cyber Growers’ new Managing Director

Creativity, Digital & Media

With more than 11 years of experience in the Romanian marcomm industry, in agencies such as Mercury360, FCB and DDB, Miruna Macsoda takes over the leadership of the digital agency Rusu+Bortun Cyber Growers, as Managing Director.

One of the reason I chose digital is the fact that is based on data, is very easily measured and controllable. Therefore, the performance is in high connection with the reputation. Between organic and paid, we are those who have to generate more organic, and this is something that requires focus, quantity and quality,” said Rusu+Bortun Cyber Growers’ Managing Director.

Macsoda is part of the Rusu+Bortun team since 2017, when she started with the Digital Account Director & Strategic Planner position, while in July 2017 was promoted to Client Service Director, position from which she is fully coordinating  all Rusu+Bortun’s communication projects.

For me, being part of Rusu+Bortun represents a comeback to what it means the work in an independent business. I’ve started my career into a marketing consultancy agency and that determined my reflex for a consultative style of work at the expense of a reactive one. I like to get involved in all of a project’s plans and to feel that I offer an inspiration leap for the creative department and efficient solutions for the clients. Rusu+Bortun is the right place for this type of work,” added Miruna Macsoda.

The forming of the core of the digital team of today started in 2017, at the same time with the other business streams. In this context, the change comes to consolidate an idea that the agency’s representatives have as a general objective- the recruiting, integrating and developing of the hybrid team.

Each one of us has a main role, with very clear established responsibility, to which are added the lateral skills. The client service team has a strategic and creative input, the creative team understands business and delivers contextualized, the management team has lead in business, but also constant activity and contributes in projects. These things are reflected in the agency’s positioning while all of us, in relation with the client and the projects, play consultative roles that vary depending the main skill that we put forward, from project to project,” Miruna Macsoda.

Therefore, the assuming of a hybrid role means for each of the Rusu+Bortun Cyber Growers members a consistent engagement regarding the performance and the competition, ambition and orientation towards the results. And that molds really well on the clients’ needs. The people with entrepreneurial spirit,  intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs that want to see results soon and need an agency that would manage the communication budgets in the most efficient manner possible. The relationship is a partnership one, not a subordinating one and this is a motivating attitude both individually and at a team level.

Rusu+Bortun developed during the years projects of authentic communication that generated authentic reputation. It’s a heritage that Catalin Rusu, Chief Creative Partner & CEO Rusu+Bortun, proposed to keep on even further.

During the last year, from the Rusu+Bortun Cyber Growers portfolio are part clients such as Genesis Development, Bittnet Group (Equatorial, Bittnet Training, Dendrio), Cris-Tim Group (Matache Macelaru, Cris-Tim) Alexandrion Group, Alexander Hughes, ING Group Romania (ING Tech, ING Bank), Avia Motors, Trutzi, Apollo111, Orange, Orotoro, Mandy Foods, Anna Cori, Austria’s Tourism Bureau, Bursa Binelui BCR, AMb Group (Liliac Winery), Planteea, the app ON Pharma, KM Trust.

When I opened Rusu+Bortun Cyber Growers in 2009, I did it at the clients’ request, from mimicry and the desire to update our main competences. Year after year, the digital evolved. From a point of technological complexity, of the creative expression, as new business, profitability or work manner. I’ve always promised integration because the specialization brings credibility in time. It doesn’t happen only because one intends to. Miruna wanted to assume a hybrid role ever since the interview. I’ve met few people that could combine in a successful manner strategy, consultative sales, client service and project management. The fact that she was formed professionally in a consultancy business alongside her passion for advertising are healthy ingredients for what Cyber Growers proposes itself to offer as experience, internal and external. Miruna has the leadership of our business for a while one. This naming points out a balanced evolution and sets the focus for a next step,”  said Catalin Rusu, Chief Creative Partner & CEO Rusu+Bortun.

Rusu+Bortun was launched in 2008 and is an agency that integrates strategy, design and brand creative manifestation, through Brand Growers, and since 2009 integrated digital communication through Cyber Growers.