Lidl & Mullen tell the story of the Lidl House in Romanian city Sibiu


Culture, architecture, museums, traditions and food with real Romanian taste, that, for many of us, another international cuisine cannot equal: in 2019, all the roads lead to Sibiu, the first city in Romania that was European capital and that, this year, has been declared the 2019 European Gastronomic Region. Here, in the heart of the city, Lidl and Mullen built the Lidl House, a place where the visitors rediscover the diversity and the history of the Romanian gastronomy, find out about the forgotten recipes and learn about the local crafts. The story, on short: 4 months of activations, with almost 30 events and 200 hours of workshops.

Lidl is very found of the Romanian traditions and has been supporting, for years, the local producers. Especially because of this, during the years, we’ve built several projects around the collaboration with the Romanian suppliers, such as the campaigns Camara Noastra (Our Pantry) or #trecipeproaspat (choose fresh) for the Lidl Market. We went further and created several activations for the Romanian Pantry Museum or the Hidden Dishes Museum. And this year we are the partners of the program Sibiu 2019 European Gastronomic Region,therefore bringing on our stores’ shelves also products from this region. Moreover, we propose ourselves to constantly surprise the public through campaigns capable of awaking emotions and to offer memorable experiences, bringing a new vibe to the traditional. With these ideas we started the road, alongside the Mullen team, when we started to draw the project the Lidl House and we are happy that it caught life so beautifully

Oana Radu,

Marketing Director Lidl Romania.

At 10, Piata Mica, the past merges with the future, the Romanian cuisine reinvents itself under innovative accents, the craftsmen are uncovering from the secrets of their craft and the visitors are enjoying exhibitions,workshops, tastings and many other events.

We are working more and more with things that don’t exists, actually,with fleeting executions, that will remain, best case scenario, in a cloud. The idea of making a house, of creating something for a new place, in the most celebrated Romanian city, sounded from the beginning as something that could have value and meaning. I hope that we have contributed further at everything that Sibiu has great to say

Mihai Costache,

Group Creative Director Mullen.

We are delighted to take part,in this manner, at the life of a city that represents what Romania has most valuable:authentic culture and traditions expressed through tastes. We want to keep them and bring them even further together with Lidl and the series of activations built through Sibiu’s spirit

Silviu Antohe,

Group Creative Director Mullen.

The Lidl House greeted its firsts guess on June 15th. And as each house needs a hosts, right now it was Boier Gourmescu, a character created by Mullen on the Romanian type: an ok man that, when you step into his house he is making you feel at home. And, like any welcoming host, he is leading its guests – over 100 a day – through a tour of the house. In the first day, he had beside him Chef Florin Dumitrescu and Andrei Aradits, old friends of the Romanian traditions.

Project credits:

  • Lidl: Oana Radu (Marketing Director), Mihai Cazacu (Advertising Manager), Dragos Badiceanu (Project Manager),  Andreea Petre (Digital Project Manager)
  • Mullen: Mihai Costache (Group Creative Director), Silviu Antohe (Group Creative Director), Alexandra Jitarel (Copywriter), Andreea Roscan (Art Director), Valentin Ionescu (Art Director), Nicoleta Grigoriu (DTP Designer), Andreea Ropotan (Head of BTL), Mihaela Rotariu (BTL Manager), Andra Panaitescu (Group Account Director), Alexandra Todirica (Account Manager), Corina Cozma (Senior Account Executive)
  • Golin: Marina Constanda (Senior Manager), Ruxandra Simion (Manager), Bianca Cenusescu (Senior Media Associate), Andreea Tudor (Junior Media Associate).