#UMImpactDay in Romania: Agency donated for the 2nd year a day to get involved in social causes

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Romanian media agency UM donated this year too a day for involvement in social causes, with help of the Swedish organization for individual humanitarian help. On July 25th, the over 60 offices of UM Worldwide were closed for a day to donate time via involvement in communities in need from every country, an action part of the global movement #UMImpactDay

Impact Day is an initiative of UM New York, which turned into a global charity program with the mission to bring challenge for better via volunteering and actions meant to help the society and communities close to us. The global movement Better World is part of the brand positioning of UM via charity actions.

Same as last year, offices from many countries planned activities dedicated to this day.

Last year, UM Romania renovated playgrounds for children hosted in the placement center Saint Stephan in Bucharest. This year, a new project caught agency’s attention: an NGO from Bucharest that works for over 20 years with people with disabilities and marginalized old people, with the mission to offer them a better life. The NGO is Swedish Organization for Individual Humanitarian Help. On July 25th, all employees from UM Romania participated to the remake of the 2 gardens dedicated to specific activities for the people in the daily and permanent centers, the recreational and the therapeutic gardens. The charity action was joined also by clients of UM, namely Dedeman, KFC, Intersnack si Coca-Cola.

Anca Popescu, project leader on UM Romania’s side, said:

We are happy that, with our small gesture, we can improve a little the life of people affected by serious health problems. Those protection centers are real hope and recover centers for those facing difficult situations. It is our duty in the community to be better with all those around us, especially when they need us so much.

Mihai Trandafir, Managing Director UM Romania:

It is important to look from time to time also towards those in need that are around us. And through these group actions, we rediscover our emotions and the empathy and this makes us feel stronger together, as a team. We are happy when we are getting involved also our partners in actions with visibility and real effects in the life of the community where we live. With this, our role to attract the attention of brands and producers, our clients or not, becomes even more important when we signal real problems in which we can intervene through help

Daryl Lee, Global CEO, UM:

Impact Day is one of my favorite days of the year and I am proud to be part of this global family that dedicates time, energy and love and offers those to the communities less fortunate from the world. Inspirational projects from this day are part of the needed actions to build a better future starting today