Kiehl’s Romania launches the social campaign „Made Better” and donates RON 10.000 in sales

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Kiehl’s Since 1851, the caring products brand with 166 years of heritage, launches the social campaign „Made Better” through which it gets involved in awareness actions regarding the environment protection. Alongside this initiative, Kiehl’s, with the involvement of the artist John Legend, re-launches the brand #1 Rare Earth in the sustainable alternative „Made Better”, donating RON 10.000 from the sales of the product towards the association ViitorPlus, with the purpose of educating the youngsters regarding the environment protection. 

Through the campaign „Made Better” the consumers were challenged to help the world become a better place, to adopt a sustainable environment and to identify sustainable actions answering the question “What you could do for the planet’s saving in only 10 minutes?”, those 10 minutes being the waiting time for the Rare Earth mask to get dry on the skin.

Through supporting the initiative, John Legend said: „If we can make a better world in 10 minutes, imagine what we can do in 10 days, 10 months or even 10 years.”

The new project is based on the permanent effort of Kiehl’s in terms of sustainability – through the formula, the packaging, the production, the recycling – but also on philanthropically engagements it supports, through the initiative created for the association Viitor Plus.

The RON 10.000 donation will be invested in the program ecOprovocarea, developed by the association Viitor Plus, whose objective is the youngsters’ education regarding the protection of the environment. They will be motivated and guided to become leaders in the environment protection field, will be learned to assume the responsibility towards their own behaviors, as well as towards the community’s problems regarding the environment.

During the years, Kiehl’s has been donating USD 15 million fro causes all over the world, the main priority being in supporting pertinent philanthropically causes.