#UMIMPACTDAY took place in Romania for the second year in a row


The media agency UM Romania donated this year as well a day, by getting involved in social causes, in the support of the Swedish Organization of Individual Human Help. 

On July 25h 2019, all the 60+ offices of the UM Worldwide agency were closed for a day in order to donate time through getting involved in the communities in need in each country, actions that are part of the global movement  #UMIMPACTDAY.

Impact Day is an UM New York initiative that transformed itself into a global charity program having the mission of bringing change for the better through volunteering and helping actions in the society and in the community around us. The global movement BETTER WORLD is part of the brand positioning of the UM agency through charitable actions: “Better Science, Better Art, Better Outcomes”.

Just as last year, the offices in U.S., U.K., China, Australia, Canada, Austria, Ecuador, India, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Spain, Poland and Romania planned their actions dedicated to this day through first aid actions in the assistant houses for elderly, the greening of the parks and public gardens, the cleaning of some streets or the getting better of the play conditions, education and the play for children and other different actions.

If in 2018 the UM Romania team renovated the playground for the Children Taking Care House found in the family placement Saint Stefan in Bucharest, in 2019, a new project attracted the agency’s attention. An NGO with tradition in Bucharest that for more than two decades has been working with disabilities persons and with marginalized seniors with the mission of offering a more beautiful life: the Swedish Organization for the Individual Humanitarian Help (https://www.organizatia-suedeza.ro/). On July 25th, all the UM Romania employees took partin the rearranging of the two gardens dedicated to the activities specific to the persons found both in the day center and the permanent center, the spaces dedicated to the recreative garden and the therapeutic garden.Moreover, at this charitable action took part with donations the agency’s clients: Dedeman, KFC, Intersnack si Coca-Cola.

We are glad that through our small gesture we can improve a little the life of the people affected by difficult health problems. These taking care centers are real hope and recuperation centers for the ones around in difficult situations. It’s our duty in the community to be better with the ones around us,especially when they have so much need of us,” said Anca Popescu, the project leader in UM Romania.

It’s important to get look back back from time to time towards those in need around us. And through these actions in group we are rediscovering the emotions and it also makes us feel stronger together as a team. We are happy when we also involve our partners in actions with visibility and real impact in the community’s life in which we live. Through this, our role of attracting the brands and the producers, clients of ours or not, becomes even more important when we are showing real problems in which we can intervene through help,” said Mihai Trandafir, Managing Director UM Romania.

The NGO’s coordinator, Ramona Lionte declared on her turn:

Most of the times, when we meet with these type of benevolence situations, we consider them to be real miracles, especially because for these people every attention gesture values a lot through the action’s positive emotion. For us it shows normality: to take care of those around us, especially in hard moments. And we hope that this action will inspire other commercial partners to give their time,energy and resources for charitable actions in the society.