FCB orchestrated “the impossible” for Samsung at 2 music festivals in Romania

Ads, Creativity

FCB Bucharest won a pitch and handled activations for Samsung Galaxy S10 at 2 music festival which took place in Romania, Neversea and Untold. The client asked the agency to submit the phone to creative testing, challenging festival’s audience to discover the product on their own and create unique memories. The agency’s answer was #seetheimpossible, a mix of optical illusions with augmented reality, transporting the audience from a music festival to an imaginary one.

I think the festival audience knows more “brand activation” than we give it credit. It saw many BTLs, has expectation, knows what to look at, feels what is and what is not ok, it detects fast too commercial or too hard selling intentions.

When you for for a brand wanting to be present at a festival, you face 2 things: relevance (what is the brand doing there?) and relevance again (what does it do for the people there?)

Dealing with the first was easy, it is a normal  match between Samsung and festivals; people have the brand in their pocket, it’s tech, it’s camera, it’s good. In the end, festivals are as much about line-up as they are about instastories.

To the question “What are we doing there?”, we answered with a small experience. We created a space with optical illusions, messages written in AR, mirrors and interactive floor. A sort of #landofillusions one could explore with an S10 received at the entrance.

We wanted to trick the eye, to dribble perceptions, to create a visual experience one wouldn’t forget immediately after getting home and that would also result in some content and shares in social media. The best, in my opinion, was a photo with an optical illusion made in the ultrawide mode, aka “as much as you can see with your eyes”

Alexandra Buligescu,

Copywriter FCB

We were delighted by the idea of proposing something outstanding to a public enjoying the festival and, in the same time, the experiential. We are happy to have won the pitch and to have had a brand that challenged us. The creative and implementation ambitions were increasingly big

Sorina Borcescu

Managing Director FCB

We are happy we were present to Untold and Neversea festivals for the third time in a row. This year, our efforts were directed towards thinking a creative space that would remain in festival’s public mind as a different experience. Our advantage is that we have a suited product – Galaxy S10, the official phone at Neversea & Untold – that we used as main element in our communication; this way, we managed to differentiate from the classical photo corners and we offered to all the chance of a hands-out, much more personal experience.

Our main message for this campaign was #seetheimpossible and we believe that, together with FCB team, we created a coherent and integrated story, declined on all communication channels, both online and offline. We are very happy to see it was a successful story

Simona Panait,

Marketing Director Samsung Romania and Bulgaria


The teams working on the project included:

  • FCB Bucharest: Sorina Borcescu – Managing Director, Cornel Gologan – Creative Director, Sonia Panait – Business Development Director, Alexandra Buligescu – Copywriter, Emanuel Borcescu – Head of Art, Raul Ciceu – Art Director, Romulus Olteanu – Graphic Designer, Sorin Fotache – 3D graphic designer, Vlad Crisu – DTP, Gabriela Pricob – Production Manager, Ionuț Stan – Senior Production Executive, Marian Enache – BTL Project Manager, Simina Lambrino – Client Service Director, Anca Mateș – Senior Account Manager, Adina Popescu – Senior Account Executive, Ana Miulescu – Account Manager, Ștefania Dinu – Junior Account Manager.
  • Samsung Electronics: Simona Panait – Marketing Director Romania and Bulgaria, Andreea Butnaru – Campaign & Category Manager, Ioana Sigarteu – Corporate Communication Manager, Oana Mîță – IM Campaign & Category Supervisor, Amelia Rusu – Events Specialist.