Kyle Lewis (Egg Films), Jung von Matt and Tony Petersen Films created a viral spot for German EWI

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Egg Films’ Kyle Lewis was briefed by Hamburg-based agency, Jung von Matt, and Berlin-based production house, Tony Petersen Films, to direct a viral spot for German energy provider, EWI.

The result is a virtual tapestry of energy-conscious youth, each representing a letter of the alphabet for the emotion that is most important to them. They’re each in their ‘own’ space, but they’ve come together to create a powerful and meaningful manifesto.

Given a great deal of freedom by the agency to interpret its script, Lewis grabbed the opportunity to infuse the piece with his distinctive style. “The agency wanted a piece that was bold and self-expressive. And, it was very important to represent various demographics making up the target market, especially the Digital Generation,” he said.

“I wanted the audience to be transported into a slice of life that feels like a conversation, a ‘meeting of minds’ of sorts. Of big thinkers, who are either young or young at heart, shaping our digital future and energy needs. We celebrate them in vignette films that capture the viewer’s attention with accelerated dynamic visuals, innovating angles, location set-ups, transitions and outstanding performances.”

From pitching to final picture lock took about a month, an exceptionally quick turnaround for Egg Films, but one that made the job much more exciting. Shot in Johannesburg with director of photography Devin Toselli, it took three days to extract the vital performances, in German.

“This job was challenging, because we constantly had to reference Germany from the language to the characters, to the wardrobe, to the locations. The creative team on set were incredible, the cast proved again the immense talent we have in our local actors and models, and my producer, Vjorn du Toit, both an inspiration and a tower of strength,” said Lewis.

And there’s another reason he will never forget this shoot: “For years, I have been wanting to do a flower-bath-tub scene. Thanks to EWI, I finally got to put the composition I’ve been dreaming of in front of a camera; pure bliss!”

Credit list:

Client: EWI (Germany) / Campaign: EWI Alphabet

Agency: Jung von Matt (Hamburg, Germany)

Chief Creative Officer: Doerte Spengler-Ahrens

Creative Director: Florentin Hock

Producer: Dennis Wendt

International Production Company: Tony Petersen Films (Berlin, Germany) / Egg Films

Director: Kyle Lewis

TP Executive Producer: Børge Heesemann

Egg Executive Producer: Colin Howard

Producer: Vjorn du Toit

Director of Photography: Devin Toselli

Production Company Art Director: Gerhard van Zyl, Mica Mckechnie