Druid and IT Assist – tech partnership to give a voice to Druid chatbots

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Druid, company specialized in developing chatbots for Entriprise style organizations, announced it closed a tech partnership with IT Assist, specialized in development of complex solutions of cloud infrastructure and development of business app, in order to bring Druid virtual assistents into speakers. Through this partnership, Druid virtual assistents will be capable to take voice commands in Romanian and English and to give voice answers in max 3 seconds, bringing the human-machine interaction experience to a whole new level.

Druid allows any company to develop and train intelligent AI, who can take over the activities that are repetitive and time consuming from employees, no matter the role or industry. Aimed to increase productivity for big organizations, Enterprise style, Druid is based on a conversational engine fueled with the strongest technologies type AI (Artificial Intelligence), NLU (Natural Language Understanding), ML (Machine Learning) or OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Druid chatbots are offering simple and intelligent answers, using a multitude of communication channels, like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, Microsoft Teams, WeChat, Twilio and many others.

IT Assist uses intelligent tech for recognition, interpretation and play for vocal messages. By integrating it with IT Assist solution, a Druid chatbot conversed an audio message in text, used identification algorithms to answer security demands for access to the informatic system, extracted the desired information, converted them back to voice and answered to the request.

Today, any employee, client, partner or provider can chat and exchange information with internal organizational systems (ERP, CRM, BI) directly on mobile, hands-free, while driving or walking. Moreover, each step in the internal automatisation flux was optimized to insure a natural conversational dialogue, with answers in max 3 seconds, no matter the complexity of the question.

Although we have over 5BN mobile devices at global level, 95% users aren’t using their phones for voice, but to send messages. Practically, the mobile phone is not used today for the reason it was invented, voice communication. The voice through which we are customizing Druid chatbots today brings not just superior experience, but also fast information to any employee and client on the move, that cannot have a text conversation

Bogdan Dodu,

CEO IT Assist

The introduction of the voice component represents an important step within Druid’s positioning strategy as a conversational hun. Druid comes today pre-equipped with all the needed instruments for fast integration with any informatic system, but also with extended possibilities of communication via any voice or data channel. The unique expertize IT Assist accumulated in voice infrastructure area, together with Druid technology, are forming an unique value proposition, which I am convinced it will attract attention from companies with work teams in the field

Daniel Bălăceanu,

Product Management Director Druid

Druid is a high tech company that develops intelligent virtual assistents for Entreprise style organizations. Due to preconfigured conversational patterns and of NLU tech, Druid allows any company to project and launch fast assistents trained for specific conversations on roles, processes and industries. In less then a year since launch in Romania, Druid already has clients like Banca Transilvania, Raiffeisen Leasing, BCR Leasing, Asirom, ProTV, Regina Maria Health Network, Servier or Dona Pharmacies.

IT Assist  is a company working on 3 business directions: development and maintainance of complex informatic infrastructures (cloud, local or hybrid), development of business apps and solutions based on AI. With over 200 clients in corporate area and a team of over 50 experts, IT Assist is Gold Partner Microsoft in data centers area, solutions and productivity in cloud.