Romanian Biofarm prepares to celebrate a century of existence with a new brand identity

Branding, Business

Biofarm prepares to celebrate 100 years with a new brand identity and slogan, to satisfy the exigences of more and more sophisticated consumers.

Our clients become more and more sophisticated, more attentive to the products they are choosing, always connected to the internet to search for information and to make consumption decisions. The digital world opens for the consumers the access to better treatments and more efficient medicine. The new Biofarm identity means we are aligning to those consumers’ expectations and we are taking the plea to bring better in their lives. In the same time, we aim to be the most performant, in the relation with our partners and more innovative, for the society we are living in

Catalin Vicol,

General Manager Biofarm

Ranking 2nd in terms of commercialized units on the Romanian Consumer Healthcare market, with 20M sold annually,  Biofarm will remain a brand focused on products that are in its portfolio for tens of years, but aims to focus on a more courageous growth and better suited to the advances of science, tech and digital. The new visual identity  reflects the harmonious combination between the purity of nature – represented by the natural ingredients at the basis of the products, science and continuous innovation.