Award: Metrici, best security company in OSPA contest

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Metrici, the Romanian AI and video analytics software company, was voted the best company at the Outstanding Security Performance Awards 2019 contest- OSPA. Metrici has been chosen by an independent jury as the most remarkable and visionary solution and company in Installers/Security Systems Integrators category. The OSPA awards recognize and reward outstanding performance for companies and individuals across the security sector.

Metrici is confirmed as such as the best Romanian company in video analytics and its products are constantly evolving and improving. The jury appreciated that the integration of all Metrici software and hardware products are producing a better management systems for companies, integrators and municipalities which are trying to build smart cities.

This interconnectivity and integrated approach of Metrici offers flexibility and made a mark on the jury.

Metrici Managing Partner, Vlad Georgescu thanked for the award: „I congratulate all the finalists and our competitors in OSPA for their projects, as well as and the coordinators for a great gala event. I know everybody is proud of their work and they are supposed to be. As for our part, even if we knew we have a powerful software, it is nice to hear good things and appreciation from others. The award comes as a gift after so many years of constant improvement and hard work, and the Metrici team would like to thank everybody involved. I also thank to all companies which tested our software and placed us on top position. This motivates us to keep improving to prove Metrici fully deserved it.

All Metrici applications are based on Artificial Intelligence technologies. The project Metrici submitted to the contest explained how the company sees and implements the development of security, traffic and city management based on software technologies the company is developing.

As some other previous independent tests showed, Metrici is one of the best video analytics and software companies not only in Romania, but in the world. Metrici LPR -Wolrdwide proved performance License plate recognition is Metrici’s primary offer for security sector, city traffic management and monitoring, acccess control. Many local administration, police forces, small and big companies are using it both in Romania and worldwide.

Meanwhile, the OSPA recognition is not the first time Metrici gets top position in a competition. Previous tests proved company’s performance. Metrici was tested against the biggest competitors on LPR market in Europe: Germany, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Romania are some countries where companies or institutions tested the romanian LPR. Every time, Metrici was selected as best technical solution and chosen as a software provider for clients or for VMS integration.

The OSPA jury and worldwide clients appreciated Metrici Parking Place Detector, recently launched software solution for managing parking spaces with the help of IP cameras.

At any given time one knows the statute of a parking place: busy or free and aș such you can monitor and manage thousands of parking places from one interface no matter where they are and the information can be send to mobile applications or LED displays to alert and direct the drivers. 

Started on this AI based object recognition engine, in this case vehicles, Metrici has developed other applications: such as traffic management. Metrici knows how many vehicles are in an image and what is their type: car, van, bus, truck or bike. Thus one can command traffic lights or LED display depending on traffic load and generates statistics and reports.

Other solutions well valued by the jury and partners QR detection engine is meant for securing the access control. This can be used in cross checking with other Metrici engines, such as LPR or other third party software and hardware.

This engine cand also be used in monitoring a production unit or for transport companies.

 Metrici Container Code Recognition is similar to the LPR solution but for reading container code standard ISO 6346. Area Detection and People Counter are Metrici proposals to detect and count any object in a video stream.

People Counter is one of the first solutions of Metrici and what it does is to detect and count people. Used in retail, shopping centers or city management to generate alarms, see heat maps or reports and statistics. Used also for controlling traffic lights or city lights.

The solution is also a security add-on for sensitive areas where people or animal presence is forbidden and an alarm can be triggered when detected. What Metrici did and was well received is to replace classical security physical sensors and integrate all in one software offer, based on AI and video analytics.

Metrici can monitor dozens of cameras, each one with its detection engine and can be a sensor, alarm trigger, a traffic alert monitoring system, controls and secures the access or can become a trigger for external hardware or third party software.  The maintenance is minimal, the costs are greatly reduced and all applications are to be monitored and integrated in one interface.

Metrici is a Romanian brand developed by Intensiva United, specialized in offering software solutions for traffic management, to manage and administrate parking lots, control access, marketing tool, all based on video analytics. The company has a high range of applications based on AI and video analytics which brought clients and partners in over 30 states.