Nomad Editing Company adds multifaceted editor Dan Maloney to NY Office

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Nomad Editing Company strengthens its already robust roster by bringing on multifaceted editor Dan Maloney.

Maloney is best known for his work cutting wry, eclectic comedy spots as well as content that holds an emotional component. However, Maloney explains that, for him, the joy of editing is the diversity of projects and tones. “I love that I get to work in so many different styles and genres. It keeps it all interesting.” He now joins the company, drawn to the core-values that Nomad has held since its inception, Maloney furthered, “Nomad was founded and is run by incredibly collaborative, innovative creatives who built it to be an edit-centric company, They’ve expanded their offerings over the years, but never lost sight of that.”

Prior to joining Nomad, Maloney cut at studios that included Whitehouse Post, Cut+Run, Spot Welders, and Deluxe’s Beast. Throughout his career, Maloney has implemented his eye for composition to a wide range of films, documentaries, branded content and commercials including the seminal Tide “Interview” spot that debuted at Super Bowl XLII to rave reviews and a host of industry awards.

With Nomad’s vast resources and diverse capabilities, Maloney looks forward to not only fulfilling the visions of directors and agencies, but also refining his own approach. “My editing style revolves mostly around performance and capturing that key moment. Whether I’m doing a comedic or dramatic piece, I try to find that instance where an actor feels “locked in” and expand the narrative out from there.”

According to Nomad Editor and Partner Jim Ulbrich, “Editing is all about timing and pace. It’s a craft and you can see Dan’s craftsmanship in every frame of his work. Each beat is carefully constructed to perfection across multiple mediums and genres. He’s not simply a comedy editor, visual storyteller, or doc specialist. He’s a skilled craftsman.”

Nomad Editor and Partner Jai Shukla agrees. “I’ve followed Dan’s work for a while now and he fits perfectly with the rest of the Nomad team. His comedy background bolsters our already talented roster while still being diverse in other genres. We’re thrilled to welcome him.”

Nomad has built a reputation as a leading creative editorial company with integrated VFX and Sound Design. All of Nomad’s Editors are available to work in New York, L.A., London, and Tokyo.