Mastering The Music Business 2020: how to be a successful artist in 10 workshops


During March 17-19th, the fifth edition of the conference  Mastering The Music Business (MMB) will transform Bucharest into the most important place for the music industry. The capital becomes the places where artists from all musical genres will meet and have the opportunity to share ideas with professionals from the country and from abroad.

This year, 17th of March will be the day dedicated to workshops that will be held by renowned industry specialists and will approach interesting topics in a very applied and to the subject manner. Therefore, the participants will learn songwriting techniques, how to create multimedia content and how to amplify it, will better understand the legislation, etc.

How to write memorable lyrics 

When it comes to writing good songs, the rhymes aren’t everything. Dan Byron, the singe and the man behind byron band’s lyrics, comes back for the third year in a row with the songwriting workshop. Dan will talk about the science of writing a song, the manners in which the artists can write music and lyrics controlled, about the available resources and the myths developed around the idea of  songwriting.

A dream come true: financial education for artists

One of the most awaited workshops at the conference is the one dedicated to the legislation and the fiscal policies – Legislation and fiscal policyIulia Popovici, journalist, curator and art critic, known for the expertise and cultural diagnosis (including the ones regarding the fiscal regime for the people working in the cultural environment) will translate the legislative paths and not only, making them understandable for everybody.

The artists prefer not to think too much at the financial and legislative aspects of the industry they activate on. But those aspects exists and impact them regardless of their will. Iulia’s workshop brings a little light in the bohemian life of the artists and show them that things are not as heavy as they look, moreover, helps them become complete artists,” said Anca Lupes, founder of the conference Mastering The Music Business.

Artistic management games and organizing a festival

If you work in the music industry, you already know that organizing a festival or managing an artist isn’t an easy thing to do, but can become, in time. Ekaterina Bazhanova, one of the most well-known independent artists’ manager in Russia will hold two workshops dedicated to these topics – The Artist Management Game and The Festival Game. At the workshops’ basis will be two games developed by Ekaterina herself, games that will simulate real business situations and will help the participants understand the principals, but also the decision making process behind.

The content – the binder between the artist and the fans 

Andras Bodrogi, certified YouTube specialist and Google Ground Budapest trainer partner, will help the participants understand the importance of the online communication,but especially the video content, as part as the promotion plan, through the workshop – Boost Your Content! Multi-format content planning and creation for multi-platform activation. Those who will take part will learn about how to plan and create content, how to multiply it in different formats and how to build a strategy that will take in account the time and money resources of each artist.

The workshops will be in the first of the three days of the conference Mastering the Music Business that will take place at Caro Hotel, Monday, March 17th, and the full list of workshops is available on the website.

The tickets with the access to the workshops can be bought separately or together with the conferences’ access (all access tickets), from the and platforms.

The conference Mastering the Music Business is the first and most important professional event organized in Romania regarding the music industry. The event targets the artists, the managers, the booking agents, the musical PR agencies and the rest of the representatives of the industry – tour managers, lawyers, promoters, major and independent labels’ representatives. In the four previous editions took part over 200 speakers from Romania, Europe and USA.  The event is organized by the Association RAW Music.