Brandient promotes two members of its team, Solène Cesbron and Luiza Cluve

Branding, Business, People

Brandient announced two promotions within its team, Solène Cesbron was promoted Senior Brand Designer, while Luiza Cluve is now Senior Brand Consultant.

Solène Cesbron is in Brandient’s design team for 4 years, time enough to show talent and knowledge, but also character and a personality fitting perfectly to Brandient’s culture.

Solène is a prodigy in label design, with preference for wine label design, and one of the most serious and applied designers of corporate identity.  In her new role, she will take over more responsibilities in creative strategy area and will be closer to the clients.

Luiza Cluve joined Brandient less then 2 years ago, coming from a position of marketing executive, which provided her with an advantage in understanding and explore in a competent manner the perspectives of the businesses of clients Business is servicing. An ambitious professional and fast learner, Luiza proved good capabilities of critical and creative judgement, but also the capacity to build and create and control relations and resources. In her new role, Luiza will be exposed to new projects with major impact over Brandient’s business, and strategical decision at company and projects’ level.