WOPA launched the new Agricola image campaign


WOPA and Agricola are continuing their 7 years collaboration and have developed a new communication platform for the brand “Who eats together, stays together”.

It all started from the insight that Romanians don’t eat together anymore. Chances are that even you, the one reading this article, have something to eat in front of you, on the keyboard or in the other hand. That is why we considered that a brand with strong values and quality products such as AGRICOLA has a duty to convince people to gather around the table once again and to build lasting relationships. Or talk about the football game. Anything that helps.

So we decided to show the number of meals we had together. As friends, family or lovers, those meals have built the relationships we have now.

The image campaign started on TV with 2 videos emphasizing human emotion and showing how meals with family or friends have kept us together over the years, is supported by tactical communication in digital through a series of specific video content, focusing on the benefits of AGRICOLA products. Because food is the social binder, it is the common point that we all, as humans, have. And this is not just a story, but an approach that the brand will continue through a large digital campaign, but we’ll talk about that in another statement.

The campaign concept is rolled out in parallel with the AGRICOLA target audiences through a PR activation in collaboration with some of the most important influencers in the cooking area such as Cristina Mazilu, Laura Laurențiu and Ciprian Muntele, but also in the influencers area, with Andreea Remețan. The purpose of this brand activation is to draw attention to the importance of meals in the family, both at the food level and emotionally.

Anyone who knows me knows about my love affair with food. Anyone who doesn’t, knows now. So it comes as no surprise that it was a pleasure to work on the AGRICOLA campaign, where I had the opportunity to show how delicious food can break down the modern barriers of Netflix & Chill, always-on social media and eating over the keyboard. The surprise, however, was that it gave me the opportunity to do something new after almost 16 years of advertising. Launch a campaign that works great for the all target.” says Dragoș Ometiță, Creative Director at WOPA while devouring a very crunchy nugget.

The new communication platform “Who eats together, stays together” is the result of the last 2 years of transformations that the AGRICOLA brand has gone through. We took on the role of gathering people around the tables, encouraging them to build strong memories and supporting them in rediscovering the pleasure of sharing simple and tasty moments with loved ones. And we keep the promise of putting tasty products on the tables of Romanians everywhere, whether we are talking about poultry meat, sausages, pre-cooked products or eggs,” says Daniel Bitere, Marketing Director of AGRICOLA Group.


Daniel Bitere – Marketing Director

Cristi Căllin –  PR Manager

Raluca Simion – Category Manager

Codrin Iuganu – Category Manager

Laura Munteanu – Category Manager

From WOPA:

Dragoş Ometiţă – Creative Director

Daniel Hărmănescu – Senior Copywriter

Adrian Dărăbăneanu – Senior Art Director

Corina Băcanu – Senior Copywriter

Ileana Șerban-Pârâu – Head of Strategy

Mihaela Giurcă – Client Service Director

Oana Dănilă – Account Director

Mihaela Lungu – Senior Account Manager

Ana Stan – Account Manager


Production & post-production  – Avanpost

Director – Tom Wilson