Trade House Media integrates with The Media Trust to protect publishers

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Trade House Media, the leading managed ad solution provider announce that they have partnered with The Media Trust to ensure a clean supply chain and to protect the valued users of their publisher clients. Trade House Media  provides Ad Management as a Service for digital media owners and the integration with The Media Trust will add a further layer of security for their publishers. 

Increasing complexity of programmatic and ingenuity of bad actors means malware is an ever present issue for publishers and advertisers. We are committed to cleaning up the supply chain and The Media Trust integration will allow us to build on the measures we currently have in place to protect our publishers. Throughout the entirety of the integration, The Media Trust has delivered an optimum level of customer support and this has enabled us to provide our advertisers with a trusted and compliant supply chain.

Richard Cook,

Executive Director Trade House Media

As an organization dedicated to delivering a safe, quality user experience, Trade House Media’s goals align with our own. We are delighted to be working with Trade House Media to help continuously drive security, quality and data protection improvements into their partners’ digital ecosystems and create a healthier, more positive user experience

Matt O’Neill,

The Media Trust, General Manager, Europe 

Trade House Media also announces that they are one of the first global businesses to fully support sellers.json and SCO across their entire ecosystem. This shows a commitment to ensuring trust and transparency and providing publishers with maximum value and aligning with the buy side to validate genuine inventory sources.  

Trade House Media specialize in providing fully managed ad solutions to media owners. Acting as an extension of publisher teams and encompassing ad strategy, technology, operations and finance. 

As a media owner there is a significant investment in time, education and technology to capitalize on advertising dollars. Trade House Media was founded to give publishers back their time, gain access to decades of experience and enable integration of technology that delivers. 

With representation in the US & UK, they are able to support publishers and monetize their inventory around the globe.  

The Media Trust is on a mission to make the internet a healthier, more valuable place for publishers and consumers. Working with the world’s largest, most-heavily trafficked digital properties and their upstream partners, The Media Trust delivers real-time security, data privacy, performance management and quality assurance solutions that help protect, monetize and optimize the user experience across desktop, smartphone, tablet and gaming devices. 

Monitoring the online and mobile ecosystems since 2004, The Media Trust leverages a physical presence in 500 cities across 65 countries to continuously scan websites, ad tags and mobile apps and alert on and resolve anomalies ranging from malware and redirects to data leakage and campaign errors. More than 600 enterprises, media publishers, ad networks/ exchanges, and agencies—including 40 of comScore’s AdFocus Top 50 websites—rely on The Media Trust to protect their website, their employee internet use, their revenue and, most importantly, their brand.