31 brands laureate at Superbrands Anniversary Gala “Imagine: The Art of Building Brands”


Superbrands Romania celebrates 15 years of activity in evaluating and promoting branding culture, through the Superbrands Gala, a reference event, which awards brands with Superbrand status, in the local market. Symbolically titled “Imagine: The Art of Building Brands”, the Gala, which is now at its 9th edition, has a double significance: the awarding of trophies to the brands that were designated Superbrands, through the judging and market research, carried out throughout 2019, as well as the launch of the new Superbrands books for Romania.

The podium of Superbrands Romania Gala honoured, at this edition: 

  • 27 of the brands validated with Superbrand status in the local market, in Romania: Ariel, Borsec, Bonduelle, Castrol, Catena, DHL, Edenred, FAN Courier, Garanti BBVA, Gerovital, Humanitas, Jidvei, JW Marriott, Lenor, Medlife, Mobexpert, Ocean Fish, Olympus, Oral B, Orange, Pampers, Pandora, Profi, Rompetrol, Scotch Brite, Untdelemn de la Bunica, Visa.
  • 4 guest brands with a branding culture model, such as Artmark and Romania Insider, or on the rise, such as 5togo and The Romanian Public Relations Association (ARRP).
  • The big winners of the trophies proposed by Superbrands for the first time, at the 2020 anniversary edition: the Superbrand of the Year trophy was awarded to the Romanian company FAN Courier. Three other trophies were offered as follows: Trust Category – Visa; Dynamism Category – Netflix; Leadership Category – Dedeman.

At 15 years after its launch, Romania has become a traditional market for Superbrands, globally recognized as one of the best in terms of innovation and creativity demonstrated by brands, but also by the agencies that support their communication campaigns. All the brands with Superbrand status, which are invited and accept to tell their story in the Superbrands Romania book, make an exceptional contribution, both to the development of the brand culture and to the development of specialists in the field, through the models that they offer to all of us. There are brands in Romania that have been designated eligible for Superbrands status in each program carried out for 15 years, both by market research and by the vote of the Superbrands Honorary Council. An exceptional performance! These remarkable brands are, actually, building Romania’s image across the world”, said Cătălina Rousseau, Country Manager Superbrands România.

“Superbrands” book is a reference tool for the audience interested in the dynamics of the market, it is an x-ray of the creative strategies of the brands that contribute through the branding culture they propose, to educate the consumer in the spirit of the quality of life. In Romania, as anywhere else in the world, the Superbrand status reinforces the position of a brand in the market, adds prestige and reassures consumers, or business partners, that their choice is the best, guaranteed by an impeccable reputation and a fulfilled promise.

Superbrands Gala, held at J.W. Marriott Hotel, was attended by about 160 top representatives of the business environment, governmental and non-governmental institutions, people from culture or creative industries, preeminent personalities, opinion leaders from different fields, prestigious journalists. The Master of Ceremonies was Colin Lovering, Vice-president of British Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Partner – Brainovate, and the artistic moments were ensured by the “Floria Capsali” Choreography High School.

The event was organized by the strategic communication agency, BDR Associates, which has been managing the Superbrands programs for Romania since 2005. The Agency celebrates 25 years of activity in Romania in 2020.

Superbrands Romania in figures:

  • 15 years of branding excellence;
  • 9 Superbrands programs, 9 Superbrands books (7 editions of Consumer Superbrands and 2 editions of Business Superbrands);
  • Between 1.500 – 2.000 brands from over 50 fields of activity, judged in each edition;
  • 350 success stories told by brands in Superbrands books;
  • 230 personalities from the Romanian business environment were, over time, part of the Superbrands Honour Council;
  • Partnerships developed in these years with prestigious research institutions such as Ipsos, Nielsen or IMAS;
  • Over 20.000 Superbrands books distributed nationally and internationally;
  • The programs brought recognition for more than 180 Brand Guardians from various companies and fields of activity, specialists in branding, marketing and communication, which have contributed to the success of brands on the Romanian market.

The Superbrands organization operates in over 89 countries of the world, proactively stimulating the development of local markets, for over 25 years, by specialized branding programs and by publishing the “Superbrands” volumes that pay tribute to brands’ reputation culture, as well as the communication industry in each country.